Thursday, March 4, 2010

Surprise Date Night!

I love going out with my man! It's fun to go out as a family but lately that has been a little stressful because Gianna doesn't like to sit still and that kind of thing. So I really enjoy it when Beej and I get to go out alone and just enjoy and peaceful, relaxing dinner together. We can talk and concentrate on each other with no interruptions! I look forward to our times alone. We usually go out a couple of times a month - thankfully we have both my parents and his parents less then 20 mins. away and usually one or the other can keep Gianna at a moments notice. My hubby left for work at like 4:30am this morning so I figured he'd be pretty tired and just wanna come home and crash tonight but being ever so thoughtful as he is he suggested we go on a date tonight! I was so thrilled! So I quickly lined up a babysitter (thanks to my Dad and D for being so willingly on short notice!) and now we are planning our date! Probably do dinner, probably Outback because I've been in the mood for a serious steak! I usually get a sirloin but I'm thinking I'll branch out and try a ribeye tonight! Mmmm, good! And then after that I think it's movie time! We love going to the movies - always have, always will! I don't get snacks anymore because I can't have ONE thing at the movies anymore except water! Lol! But I'm totally fine with bothered me the first time but not anymore. It usually makes me sick anyway consuming vats of butter and salt ( SO much sodium, ugh!) and all that sugar in the soda and all sounds so nasty now! I can't say it always does but for the most part, after eating right and not cheating once for almost 50 days straight I think it's starting to become a habit to eat right! I can go out to restaurants now and not eat the bread that is sitting in front of me, or the appetizers or dessert and it rarely bothers me. I know I'm strong now that I can go eat mexican with my family and not eat ONE, NOT ONE chip!!!! You have NO idea what an accomplishment that is for me! Lol! Anyway, I'm wandering here.....back to surprise date night. I think we're going to see either Shutter Island or The Wolfman. I think we are both leaning more towards The Wolfman. I think the action will be better and it will be better graphically too. Shutter Island is one of those I'll probably wait and see on DVD. But we haven't decided totally yet. I do think I may try to run by Old Navy too and just try on some jeans....I don't think I'm quite a four yet but my 6's won't stay up and scrunch up under by belts and I just HATE that! So we'll go see how far I have to go yet! Lol!
So anyway, I'm totally pumped about our impromptu date night! So thankful I have a wonderful hubby who still "dates" me on a regular basis! SO EXCITED!!!!

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  1. Gotta love date nights :) I hope you guys had a great time!