Saturday, March 27, 2010

Off Track

So I've gotten off track the past couple of nights.....I do well all day and then come supper time I lose it. Mainly just eating too much at one time, not keeping it to small portions of calories. And eating sugar. Ugh. I feel like such a loser. But no more! I'm back to eating right today, no joke. I'm never going to get any ab definition if I keep making excuses and eating crap. I've let myself have a week of "cheating" and that's over now. I'm ready to get in better shape for summer and swimsuit time. I can feel it peeking around the corner, at any minute it's going to burst upon us in all it's heated, sweltering glory! I'm ready to lay out and feel my skin get all toasty and golden brown! Ready for tank tops and shorts and pretty sun dresses, and oh-s0-cute sandals. But for now, I think it's cold outside! Lol!
Planning a girls shopping trip soon - trying to get all the "details" together still but I'm pretty sure we are going before our weekend away! I'm ready for some new summer clothes and hopefully a warm enough weekend to wear them. Tickets FINALLY went on sale for the MM show we are planning to go to while we are away. So my hubby is purchasing them today I think. Plus we are getting the air fixed in the Jeep - not a cheap endeavor by the way but much needed and well worth it plus we are finally going to get our new CD/iPod player in the Jeep! I'm totally stoked about having this before our 6 hr. trip to Bama. It's going to be awesome to actually hook in the iPod and just listen to whatever - because so much of our favorite music isn't on CD, we've just bought it online. It's going to be a jammin' good time!
I want to take Gianna to the big zoo in Columbia soon. We've been to the Greenville Zoo two or three times but never to THE big one! I'm excited because I know she'll have a blast if and when we go. It'll probably have to wait til May though, maybe even June. We have a good bit going in April already....but I've heard that zoo is awesome!
I'm spending most of the day with my siblings because both of my parents are out of town right now. We don't have much planned. The boys will probably spend most of their time on the computer or Xbox. I think I'm going to paint all of us girl's toenails, DeeAnna and Gi are going to paint for awhile, maybe actually get dressed and go take some pictures or something....who knows. Nothing major planned except trying to stick to eating right ALL day! I know, you'd think after two months of eating strict it would be so easy to get back on track but it's not.....but I will do it! I've worked WAY too hard at this to let it all fall by the wayside now. I'm so close to being "fit" in my eyes!!! Woohoo! And with summer approaching this is no time to lose it.


  1. I've gotten off track big time. I just have too much going on!! I wanted to mention that the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro is awesome! You might want to look into that one too. We went last spring and I really want to go again. Maybe Henry and I could meet you and Gianna at the zoo sometime this Summer.

  2. That would be awesome! I keep hearing about the zoo in Columbia, at least that's where I think it is! Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens, maybe? I'll have to check out the one in Asheboro!

  3. Yeah, Riverbanks is in Columbia, It's a good zoo. It seems to me that the one in NC is a little bigger. They are both good, just thought I'd let you know about the NC one too!