Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Let's go downtown...."

(Beautiful streets! Love it!)
( Yes, I want to live in those apartments one day!)

(It's decorated so cute inside Mellow Mushroom!)

(Even though I didn't find anything today I still LOVE this store!)
I SO love downtown Greenville, SC! It's beautiful, sleek, inspirational, classy, fun and full of life. I love being down there and I love how I feel when I'm down there! Beej and I were down there almost a year ago after we went and saw Mute Math for the first time.....we loved it and had such a great time walking around, enjoying the outdoors yet still being the "city". We had lunch, ice cream and discovered a awesome vintage clothing store. We kept talking about going back down there and taking Gianna - they have a great park area with lots of water and bridges. It's so pretty! But time got the best of us and we just never made it back down there and then it got to cold to enjoy walking around. So as soon as the weather started looking remotely pretty I jumped on the opportunity to go back down there. We wanted to kinda "pre celebrate" Beej's birthday - he turns 26 tomorrow!- and since we both love it there so much we headed that way for a fun family Sunday. We had a very enjoyable time yet again - the weather was so nice. Just cool enough but still warm with all the sunshine out. Gianna loved it and really enjoyed seeing the ducks swimming around. She did some walking to and a little riding in her stroller as well. We had a yummy lunch at Mellow Mushroom. I've heard nothing but great things about it so we decided to check it out and we were very pleased. The atmosphere is super laid back and hippie. The food was good and Gianna ate like crazy! We checked out The Clothing Warehouse again - I was looking for some vintage, "western" button ups but they didn't have any I really liked but Beej did end up with a great 70's short sleeve button up and an awesome brown cardigan! He looks great in them!!! I really love his "vintage" look with just a hint of prep in it! I'm not sure what my style is - it changes depending on my mood I think! Sometimes it's preppy, occasionally it's vintage and sometimes it's a little rocker chick. Lol! I think mixing it around is my "style"! We also ran by Plato's Closet - a great place to find name brand clothing for a lesser price. I'm excited about going back here in a few months and getting some new shorts and sun dresses for summer! I tried on my shorts from last year and I'm happy to say they are all WAY too big - hooray for new summer clothes! But today I did pick up a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and a cute shirt I may wear for Gianna's birthday party. So all in all it was a great day - we went ahead and gave Beej's his birthday presents today because one of them was an iTunes card and I know he listens to his iPod all day at work and thought he might want to buy some new music to listen to on his actual birthday while he's working.....I also got him a leather bound collection of Edgar Allan Poe's works. He had seen it at Barnes & Nobles and mentioned wanting it a couple of times. I love that he loves to read and is interested in things like poetry. He has such a range of interests and likes. He's a very well rounded person!

Waiting on RSVP's for Gianna's birthday party and then we'll start buying food and I'm going to get her cake order in. I went and looked at the stuff I have to get to make her tutu and I am going to go buy it all this weekend and get it made! She's going to be so cute!

So a very, very Happy birthday to my sweet hubby tomorrow! I'm so grateful God put him on this planet for me - who's knows where I'd be or who I'd be without his love and support. He is SO amazing! I love you with all my heart, Benjamin Carroll!

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