Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Splurge + Sugar = Feeling Awful.

So I had really been looking forward to my splurge weekend. I completed my 60 days the Thursday before Gianna's party and I knew we were going to have family in for the whole weekend and so I had been planning since I started Insanity to allow myself to kinda splurge over the weekend. No going crazy and gorge or anything but just not be strict with my calories or what I ate. BIG mistake. First of all my body kinda went nuts when I had my very first sugar. After two months of having none it totally freaked! I got a crazy tummy ache and was wide awake until like 3am that night. I had more sugar on Gianna's birthday - cupcake and ice cream and ended up throwing half of it away because it was so overwhelmingly sweet I couldn't stomach it. I had three days of eating "sugar" here and there and it's amazing how awful I felt. Being tired most of the weekend didn't help but I know if I had been eating right I wouldn't have felt as sluggish and yucky as I did. My energy was totally zapped. Not to mention I felt horribly guilty and awful. And I've also realized how quickly you can get "addicted" to sugar again. Suddenly, even though I felt horrible, I felt like I 'needed" sugar. And that ticked me off, I don't want to "need" food or anything like that except good foods. Things that help my body and strengthen me not things that "drug" my body and make me feel bloated and sluggish. I'm realizing now how great I feel when I'm off sugar and off heavy foods made with white flour. I'm eager to get back on track and start feeling good again. Today is my first day back on my Insanity diet. I know it's going to be kinda hard the first day or two "detoxing" my body again but it's worth it in the end. I'm doing another Recovery week - you usually do one in between Month 1 and Month 2 of Insanity but I'm adding another one in between Round 1 and Round 2 just to give my body a healthy break since this past month of Insanity was pretty tough. I'm eager to see what changes I can make in body with this second round - I love the results I got the first time! And I love the feeling of accomplishment I get with it.....
But overall the weekend was a lot of fun - it was so nice to spend some time with my aunt and her family and my grandmother. We don't get to see them as much as I would like. My aunt is expecting her third baby and we are crossing our fingers for a boy!!! Her first baby, a boy, passed away at four months old. Today is his birth day, he would have been 5 years old today. Her second, a girl, my cousin Ava is a month older then Gianna almost to the day! It was fun being pregnant with my aunt! So it's kinda surreal this time because she is pregnant and I'm not....not that I want to be at all it's just odd this time around! We did a couple of "wives tales" gender predictions and got boy every time so we are all holding our breath!!! She finds out in a week! We also went to Charlotte on Sunday and I got to go to an Ikea for the first time and WOW! It was incredible. Beej and I fell in love with everything in that store. It's all so sleek and modern. We did find our couch for sure and will hopefully be getting that really soon.....we are still hunting for a dining room table. It seems like the ones we want are really popular right now and everywhere we look is out of stock including Ikea! So we are still searching, we want one of those high Pub style tables.....We are slowly trying to modernize our "look" at our house. My grandmother didn't like Ikea because everything was too modern - she still likes that overstuffed, Victorian look!
We are planning our weekend get away to Bama soon! Just a couple of weeks away - I'm looking forward to getting away and relaxing and seeing our favorite band again. It's worth the drive just to see them but I think we may visit some family too. I'm hoping it's a nice weekend when we go, not super hot but warm and Spring like! I'm planning to go get some new summer clothes at the end of the month - Plato's Closet here I come! A few summery dresses and some new shorts and shirts too. I need to find an Easter dress too. Whew, so much to look for and so much fun as well!!!


  1. I LOVE IKEA. there is one in Tampa just up the road from us. I'm obsessed with it. I do believe it's the biggest store I've ever been in. Good for you with your splurge weekend, it's probably a good thing you did it so that you will remember how nasty you felt and you won't be as tempted to do it again. love love to u!

  2. Yeah, Ikea is HUGE!!! We are getting an orange couch from there! I can't wait! And yes, I totally agree about the splurge weekend...it was totally a reminder and I didn't like it one bit!!!