Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Loving Memory...

In Loving Memory of Maddux Cade Sparks
March 23, 2005 - July 2005


I wonder what color my balloons will be,
but as a cousin it doesn't matter to me.
It can be many colors, I choose red, green and yellow,
I think I will pick a color for a fellow.
I will let that yellow one go to the sky
and it will fly very high.
Until it reaches heaven for a boy
and he will be filled with so much joy.
I will keep the other two balloons for his brothers and sisters.
And they will be filled with Maddux's whispers.
Maddux didn't live very long and so
his mother and father had to let him go.
He will always be in our hearts,
He will be forever our special sweetheart.
So anytime you see a balloon float by,
think of that someone you love in the sky.

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