Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spur of the moment....

So last night I decided, just spur of the moment, to go get another tattoo! This one I haven't really thought about quite as much as the others but I loved it and thought it wasn't a bad idea....well, not a super bad idea! Lol! Who knows, maybe I'll regret it one day but probably not. Since I don't wear a lot of "skimpy" tops you won't be able to see it alot but I know it's there and I think it's pretty cool! What is it you may ask? Well, for those of you who aren't in to the current "trend" it's from the movie's the Cullen crest! Pretty cool, huh?! I'm a big fan and thought I'd celebrate my fandom and love for the story itself with something like this. I thought about a quote or even a picture from the front of one of the books but this seemed more regal and inspiring. A little old fashioned even. I think the Cullen's are an amazing character line - they are refusing to be who they are supposed to be and standing up for someone that isn't even one of their own. Truly courageous if you ask me!
I don't know if Beej is totally cool with it but I guess he doesn't mind too much! Lol! The tattoo artist I go to around here is really awesome and cheap so I can't help myself! If any of you are interested in another tattoo Marcus Clark at Ink Link in Shelby, NC is fab!!! I keep meaning to have two of my other tats touched up but it seems more fun to just get brand new ones!
Anyway, it's kinda hard letting it heal up because I have to wear a shirt and stuff and that rubs it but I managed to let the one on my back heal up ok.....I wanted to get it before summer and bathing suit and tank top weather started. Plus, sometimes it's just fun to go do something random!
Hoping it doesn't hurt too bad while I work out - sweating into it can be kind painful and I sweat buckets when I work out! Lol! After that we're off for Gianna's tests - gag, puke, cry, etc.


  1. I love it....I knew what that tattoo was the moment I saw the pic on Fb! :)

  2. Lol! It was just an april fool's joke, Sarah! I thought about going with the pregnant joke but no would believe that coming from me...but they would believe the tattoo thing!!! And actually IF that one was real it would have been my fifth one! But no, as much as I love Twilight I don't think I'm a die hard enough fan to get the Cullen crest actually tattooed on me forever!