Friday, April 16, 2010

And so the wheel keeps turning.....

I had a great day today - nothing super special but still good. Slept in a wee bit, like 15 mins., got up and did my work out (of course!) and got Gi and I ready to head out to Mom and Dad's house. Helped get a few things done around there, made breakfast for lunch and let Gianna run around outside, tried to get a bit more of a tan but the sun decided to hide behind the clouds for the hour we were out there! Gianna wouldn't nap today, I still make her lay down though. I need that break and she needs the rest whether she realizes it or not. She loves being outside so when we are out at Mom and Dad's I try to let her run as much as possible because we just don't have the space here at the apartment. We've started playing out on our back patio a little more though. We bought her some sidewalk chalk and I really want to get her a sand box soon. She keeps talking about building sand castles! I'm super excited to take her to the beach this year because she's so into sand lately so I know she'll love it.
I went with D to a photo opt tonight at costume birthday party! It was actually pretty fun and the people were friendly. D made some money she needed for her trip so it was great all around. She leaves for 2 1/2 weeks in Nicaragua tomorrow. I'm going to miss her like mad.....she's my buddy! But I know she loves going with my dad and traveling and meeting new people so it's good for her!
Tomorrow is our big hiking day! The weather is supposed to be really nice and I'm so excited! It looks like it's going to be about 8 1/2 miles - pretty nice. And it's going to be in some really pretty areas too. I'm taking my camera and getting lots of pics! I do plan to get up and do my work out before we go though...I know it sounds nuts but I don't want to get off track and start skipping work outs. I won't push it too hard since I'll be doing the hike too but it'll be good. Beej is going to work out at the gym with my dad in the morning too so we'll be exhausted by Sunday morning - I think we may sleep in!
Gianna is getting so big - she's started saying "No, thank you!" when she doesn't want something and she started it all on her own! It's so cute! She's getting pretty stubborn though too - she's started putting her hands on her hips and telling me "No....". It's almost so cute I laugh sometimes but I try to remain stern! I tend to give in a lot because I just don't like the fight but at the same time I don't want her to turn into a bratty, screaming little girl like some kids I've known. They are a pest to be around and no fun to have play dates with! Lol! Constantly worrying when they are going to start screaming and throwing things next....goodness! I guess I tend to be a little overly cautious about Gianna because I really want her to be a joy to be around. She's so smart and just too cute - she is a quick learner (too quick sometimes!). She really tries hard to do things right and gets really upset when she doesn't get it. She's worked really hard on this potty training thing and getting it - we did find out that her kidney reflux sometimes causes that to be a little more difficult. The bladder "leaks" that we thought we just her peeing in her pants sometimes can't be controlled. I feel better knowing that she really has gotten it, it's just something she can't control! I proud of how interested in fitness she is - she's started watching and trying to do my work outs with me instead of watching her shows like she used too! I love it and can't wait til she's big enough to really start working out with me good. I try to explain to her that we work out and eat right not just to be skinny (although that's part of it!) but that we do it to be healthy, disciplined and balanced in life. I want to start her on good habits and a positive way of thinking early on.
I'll share some hiking pics tomorrow!!!

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