Wednesday, April 21, 2010


(Leigh Nash)

I didn't blog last night because right after dinner I got really sick - and it wasn't dinner because Beej and Gi at the same thing and they were fine. I'm not sure what it was really, I was just so sick to my stomach. I ended up getting in bed at 9pm as soon as Gi went down. Managed to watch an episode of Lost with Beej, we've gotten pretty behind on it so far, and then I was out by 10pm. I'm kinda glad I went to bed that early just because I think my body is exhausted. I cut way back on my carbs on Monday and I don't think that served me well during my work out Tuesday morning so I planned to up them some on Tuesday but got really busy and didn't plan my meals out well and after dinner and a small snack I was still barely at 1150 cal. once I went to bed. I was planning to eat another 300 calorie "meal" before I went to bed but I got to feeling so crappy I said 'To Hey with it....." I'm really hoping I can muster the strength to get through my work out this morning, I've actually been contemplating not doing it this morning and making it up Sunday but I just can't do that. I just need to get it done and be done with it for the day. I'm going to Spartanburg with my mother in law today to do a few errands. Hopefully Gianna will be good - we had quite a time at Wal Mart yesterday. I think the main issue was no nap but she's also just getting pretty defiant lately. I'm really having to work on being patient and not just threatening her but actually putting actions behind my words. Not feeling my best the past two days has not helped my patience level at all. So I'm praying for a good day today and my patience to be on it's best behavior!
I don't think we are going to make it to see Mute Math this Sunday. It's a bummer they will be so close and we won't be seeing them. I think this is the first time in the past year that they've been any where near us that we didn't go. The tickets were just a bit too much for us to try and get this last, plus we wouldn't get very good seats anyway this late. And we have zero interest in seeing the main band, 30 Seconds To Mars. I would go strictly to see Mute Math.....and it would be cool to actually get to see them and talk to them again but I think we will have to miss out on this one. There will always be next time! Hopefully there will be a new album to go along with next time. Speaking of new albums one of top 5 bands has a new album coming out May 11th - Keane's Night Train! I'm beyond excited, I love every bit of their music and this will be no exception I'm sure. I've heard their single "Stop For A Minute" and it's fabulous! I think Tom Chaplin has one of my favorite vocals of all time.....right now I'm totally digging Eisley's album "Telescope Eyes". I've heard for a long time how wonderful they are but just haven't taken the time to listen to them until recently - one of the lead vocalists, Stacey Dupree, is engaged to Darren, the drummer for Mute Math so I figure if she's that cool she needs to be checked out and wow!!! I don't know about the rest of their albums but this one reminds me so much of Leigh Nash and Sixpence None The Richer and Sixpence's album Divine Discontent is literally my favorite album ever I think and right in my top 10 would be Leigh Nash's solo album "Blue on Blue". Both are amazing albums and I hope one day, that if or when I do an album, it's got that same vibe. Obviously my vocals are no where near Leigh Nash or Stacey Dupree, I can only dream! My vocals are good but boring. I don't have anything neat or catchy about my voice and I don't know how to let go and experiment to make it sound cool. The way Mute Math is completely out of the box all the time totally stuns me - I am so in the box and I don't know how to get out! For the most part people who think they are original aren't, but MM is. How cool to be able to say that and it be true about yourself! But anyway, right now I'm totally digging these songs - check them out!

1. Memories by Eisley - Telescope Eyes
2. Golly Sandra by Eisley - Telescope Eyes
3. Stop For A Minute by Keane - Night Train
4. Angel Tonight by Leigh Nash - Blue On Blue
5. The Funeral by Band of Horses
6. Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club
7. Goodbye by Mute Math - Armistice

Oh and I forgot to mention I ordered my Tom's shoes yesterday!!! I'm so excited! I got a good deal on a brand new pair on ebay. I got the gold glitter ones and they are more expensive then the regular ones on So I ended up saving about $20 by not ordering them from Toms. But if I had the money I would have, it helps a good cause and I would have gotten them a lot sooner but it's ok. I can't wait a couple of weeks - they'll be here in time for me to wear to the airport to greet my dad and sis when they come back from Nicaragua!!! I can't wait for them to be back!!!

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