Thursday, April 22, 2010

Carbs? Not enough? Too many?

Ok, so carbs confuse me - big time. I know we need good carbs - whole grains and fiber. And we have to have a certain amount for our body to burn at fuel when we work out but then again we can't have too many or that's all our bodies will burn and we'll never burn fat stores. But I get so confused as to what's a good amount and what's not. As I mentioned before I guess I cut my carbs too low Monday and Tuesday but then yesterday I felt like I had too many. Trying to figure out what I've got to do to get to the next level in my fitness and nutrition is so hard for me. Sometimes I think maybe I need to go talk to a nutritionist/diet specialist. I would also love to have a body fat test done too just to see where I am and to find out what I need to focus on. I'm pretty sure it's my stomach/core area but just to know for sure would be cool but I don't even know where I could have one of those done. I keep quizzing my beachbody coach trying to figure out what I need to be doing.....I think we are slowly getting to an answer.
On a totally different note, I'm jealous of girls who can just change their hair color all the time. I have friends who did it in school all the time - one week they are brunettes, next it's red then hair just doesn't do well. Not to mention it costs a small fortune for a dark brunette like to me go any other color because it all requires it be bleached out first then colored. Stacy Dupree from Eisley changes hers up constantly - I would LOVE to be completely red like her's above. And she's the only person who has recently made me miss my long hair. Although mine never looked as great as hers, it's the idea, I guess! Maybe I'll be a red head come fall - it's just hard for me to keep red because I work out so much, sweat so much and have to wash my hair so much!
So my oatmeal every morning is actually starting to grow on me! I kinda like it now - I eat the plain kind with a little honey and then some kind of fruit. Usually peaches or strawberries. And it's really tasty! Although I think I'll make Sunday my cereal day - even my healthy Kashi or bran flakes would be a bit of a "mix it up" for me.
I got this pair of skinny jeans yesterday at Old Navy, they have the greatest jeans, I swear! All my skinny jeans are too big for me now and the newer jeans I've bought have all been boot cut, they work best for me for the most part but I do like skinny jeans. They are cute for dressing up a little more and I think they look adorable with Toms shoes and since I'm getting a pair soon I figure I needed some new skinnies. Since I'm starting to lose the "thickness" on my hips they look better now!!!!
Well, I'm off to work out - today is my Recovery day so my work out is a bit shorter but just as tough! Then I'm heading out to help my mom with some stuff today......

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  1. You can have your doctor do a body fat assessment on you. And for $100 (I know that’s a lot!) you can go to a Bariatric Clinic and they will do a full work up on you, body fat, fitness, what weight you need to be for your specific body. A regular doctor just goes by a chart, but a bariatric doctor accesses your specific body for a more ‘true’ answer. They can help you with your diet questions and info and even have shots they can give you with high dose B vitamins to help you lose. If you have insurance then that will cover some of the cost of a bariatric clinic. If not, it can become pretty costly.