Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lazy day.....

We had a really lazy day today and I think it was much needed. I didn't rush to do anything, I didn't go anywhere, didn't do much of anything really. Sometimes I feel like I'm always on the run and I like that but some days I just need to be quiet and catch up mentally. I did a little laundry and I was going to lay out but it was a little chilly even with the sun out, plus I got a little sun on my arms and chest out hiking yesterday so I thought I would just wait.....the way our patio is out side and the trees all around it there's only sun on it really good for about an hour around 12:30 and that doesn't work well with Gianna's schedule.....I don't fore see my stomach getting a lot of sun again this year!
I've decided to start a super strict "diet" for the next two weeks....yeah I know I've been on a pretty strict one already but for two weeks straight I think I'll eat pretty much the same things - oatmeal, a little fruit, eggs, chicken, fish and green veggies. I'm going to sit down and make my "menu" tomorrow. I really want to get my stomach toned and I need something strict to start getting me there. Plus I just need to slap myself back into strict mode. I also think I'm going to add in a few extra ab work outs the next two weeks too. I'm saying two weeks because I just want to see if I can tell a difference or not....It's kinda fun to experiment with different exercise programs and different diets and stuff just to see what it does or doesn't do!
I've been online today looking at condo's for rent at the beach! I'm pretty excited! We for sure want to go to Gulf Shores, AL. I have so many wonderful childhood memories there and I want to take Gianna and Beej and make new memories of our own. We were planning to go sometime in August and celebrate both our 5th anniversary and my 24th birthday but I think we may wait til September because it'll be just as hot still but a lot cheaper. I'm amazed at how "cheap" we can get a two bedroom condo directly on the beach in Sept.! And by Sept. I should be down to my perfect weight and hopefully feeling good about beach wear! Lol!
Today I discovered this girl who is home schooled and she paints and when I say paints I mean she is incredible!!! I found her through Mute Math's FB page - she had tagged them in some paintings she had done of them. I went to her page and followed the link to her portfolio page. She is totally amazing - I'd love to get the painting I've posted on here done for Beej to put up in his studio one day! I think it's amazing and totally awesome! This girl so talented...people who can draw and paint just amaze me! Especially since I can barely draw a stick figure! Check her out -

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  1. holy crap!! i had no idea they were paintings until i read the end of your blog. then i had to go to go back for a double and triple take! she is awesome!!! thanks for sharing