Friday, April 2, 2010

It's A Beautiful Day!

We went out shopping today and I had SO much fun! We took a "new" friend and she was a lot of fun - I hope she had a good time hanging out with us, chit chatting and laughing.....I think girl time is so important, especially for me as a wife and mother. Getting out and just relaxing on my own is good for me. We drove down to Greenville, and it was supposed to be pretty nice since we had my mom's van, we were thrilled about having the air and the CD player but alas, the air isn't working in her van either. So it was a long hot trip down and back. I was so sweaty - a hot mess I guess you could say!!! We went to the mall first and it was INSANELY busy! I thought it was a little but on a Friday I didn't expect it to be as nuts as it was. Had a quick lunch and took a look at a few stores - I picked my dad up a Godiva Dark Chocolate bar with Dark Chocolate Ganache! Yummy! The only reason I did was because I "accidentally" ate his last piece yesterday - I thought it was just his regular cheap dark chocolate, I couldn't figure out why he seemed kinda bummed that I was eating it until I read the package! Lol! Poor dad, so I figured I should replace it for him since he so kind and didn't scold me for taking it without asking! After that we headed over to Plato's Closet - we all took some stuff in to re-sale but they weren't buying much because they were overstocked. They bought an Express jean skirt from me for $7 so I just put it towards what I was purchasing since I was buying stuff anyway so that worked out nice. Saved me, well, seven bucks! I walked out with a two pair of shorts, a cute "every day" skirt, a dress for Easter (and other occasions), and two cute shirts! I was pretty pleased! Picked up a little sweater to go over my dress since we are going to the Chimney Rock Sunrise Service. It'll be a little chilly that early in the morning. I've figured it out and in order to be ready and up there by 6am I am going to have to get up and get Gianna up at 4:15am! Holy cow! After that we are heading on up to Waynesville to have lunch and an Easter egg hunt with the rest of my family. Easter is a wonderful event and we always explain it to Gianna of course but we don't go all out and buy her lots of "junk". She gets candy and little prizes out of the eggs that Momma fills for her to hunt and that's plenty. I'm not one to make a bigger deal out of holidays then we should. We make her birthday, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas a HUGE deal so we don't make as big of a deal of other holidays just because, well, everyone needs a little "break" especially financially. I don't understand how people who are jobless seem to continue to do way more then the people who are working 40hours a week. I guess it's thanks to the government. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the help we've received from the government - they've paid for my prenatal care, my c-section, my gallbladder surgery, my tubal, Gianna's dr. care since she's been born and she's received food too. It's all been great. I guess I don't have a problem with it because I know we work really hard and what we can't get it's nice to have help but I don't understand why people who don't do anything seem to fair better then those who work their tails off. .....doesn't seem fair does it?
Anyway, I gotta got off a little there - tomorrow we are getting the new music system installed into the Jeep. Beej's boss and buddy, M, is going to come and help him install it since he's done some before. It's going to be so awesome to have - getting the air on the Jeep fixed completely on Tuesday! Then we on the road next Friday!!!! Hooray for getting away! Beej especially deserves a relaxing, fun, get-away type weekend and I'm so glad we are getting one.
Making spaghetti for dinner with my sis - I'm staying the night with her out here at the house since my parents are gone for the weekend. We are going to watch a movie or something, just chill.......spaghetti if my favorite, it's total comfort food! I've kinda screwed up my eating the past day and I'm feeling crappy because of it. Ready to really hit it hard. I'm starting to see my lack of will power and it's ticking me off. I'm not this lazy....I know I'm not and I can do this. I can't let myself slide right back into the crappy mess I was in before....yuck!
Had a great day - life is looking better and better every time I get up! Thankfully I have a lot of great people in my life to share it.......!!!!!

( And for the record, I have watched about 10 minutes of Where The Wild Things Are and that movie should have never been made. Not only is it just a crappy story but that little boy is a down right brat. He needs a serious spanking, and a good one. I'm concerned about Gianna watching it because it teaches absolutely horrible stuff. I can't imagine any parent actually taking their child to see that movie. Lord!)


  1. I had such a wonderful day out with the '3 sisters!' Seems like I fit right on in! lol We'll have to do it again soon...not necessarily the exact same hanging out again would be fun. :D

  2. I know, we are a crazy bunch when you put us all together and I would say you fit right in! I told mom we need to take you and your mom and go to a tea room soon. My mom is totally into that kind of thing and I've never been to maybe we can do that soon!