Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Over the weekend....

So I've really gotten out of the habit of blogging over the weekend.....not having internet sucked but at the same time I got a full book read and it was kinda nice having the break from blogging. I've kinda run low on ideas lately. I've been just blogging about random, every day kinda things. That's interesting for me but I don't know that everyone else enjoys it or not! I like to hear about people's every day lives....
Over the weekend, which was a very lazy one, I did terrible with my eating. Just decided to be lazy and not think about calories or healthy or anything. Sometimes I just need a day or two to do that, it sorta re-energizes me to get back at it. So I ate some junk, felt crappy and felt like I looked crappy so I was eager to get back on track yesterday and I did. Stuck to my 1650 calorie mark. It's amazing how almost down to a science I have this stuff now. For me it's just choosing to do it or not do it now. I pretty much know what "combinations" of meals I can have to stay within my calorie limit. My coach has been trying to educate me on the whole carb thing. I'm starting to get it slowly but surely but I'm still not sure - some days I don't think I get enough carbs and then some days I think I get too many. Maybe it all balances out in the end?!
We also start de-cluttering our house again. We do this every 4-6 months. My husband is a great organizer and even though I absolutely hate cleaning out all the clutter I'm thankful he's willing to motivate me to do because I do like the way the house feels once it's done. I never think I have stuff to get rid of until I start looking and realize I have tons of stuff laying around that I don't even use. I thought I had just cleaned out my clothes and shoes but started looking and found a full bag and a half of stuff that's I don't wear, is too big or is completely out of style! My biggest problem is Gianna's room and her toys. I hate getting rid of her stuff because it all comes from family usually and I don't want to get rid of meaningful stuff but I realize that she doesn't ever touch half of it, it keeps her room a huge disaster most of the time and it's just taking up space. Not to mention it's not like she's never going to get any more toys. I've been to peoples houses where they keep every toy their child has ever gotten and they have huge play rooms full of toys that are just making a mess. Their kids pull everything out at once and then it's this huge task of sorting and putting everything away every evening. Or everything is stacked around the living room and it's a huge eye sore. We make it a point to not keep or store Gianna's toys in the living or downstairs really. We had kinda started slacking on that a bit but when we start de-junking we cleared everything out again and I like the way it looks and feels. Gi's allowed to bring a toy or two downstairs to play with but then she has to return it to her room, it doesn't stay down there. Plus she's at the point now where she is old enough to play upstairs by herself, and that is so nice!
I'm ready for my sis to be back in the States and home! She's been gone just over a week now and still has almost a full week to go before they return. I don't realize how much we do together or how much I actually see her until she's gone.....not to mention I text her all the time and I can't even do that while she's gone. But I know she always has fun going and traveling with Dad just like I did when I was her age and living at home. It's a special time.
And only a week until my Tom's shoes are supposed to be here. I keep hoping the Post Office will perform a miracle and get them to me early but I'm not holding my breath on that one! I can't wait to post of a pic of them actually on my feet!!!!
I'm getting ready to take my brothers and Gianna to McD's for lunch....I've got to eat my lunch before I go so I'm not tempted to touch anything while I'm there! Usually if I have to get something there I stick with the fruit parfait or the bar-b-que grilled chicken wrap without the cheese. But the tortilla is white flour so when I can avoid it I do. Taco Bell is my favorite "healthy" fast food, their hard shell tacos aren't too bad for you (other then the greasy meat) and the corn is better then white flour.
I have been slowly trying to work on my tan here and there - luckily I have a fairly secluded patio to lay out on but at the same time the trees along the fence line block the sun a lot of times. I usually have one good hour between like 12:30-1:30 and sometimes that's not the best time for me....between getting lunch together and Gianna it doesn't always work. But I do think my stomach might get a light tan this year, just maybe!!! Lol! I love laying out, it's so relaxing, the warmth of the sun, a good book, a nap or some music. Not to mention something about a little bit of sun gives you a confidence boost too!
Well, it's nice to be back! I'm looking forward to hearing from all my blogger friends soon....some of them haven't blogged in a long time and I miss hearing from them!!!!

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