Saturday, April 17, 2010


(Lunch on the rock at the bottom of the falls.)
(Beautiful falls at DuPont)
(Half way through the hike!)
(Stone path through the water.)
(My handsome man!)

So we had a fabulous day hiking! We hiked about 8 miles....I got up this morning and worked out too, so did Beej and he's pretty sore - I think he pulled a lat muscle. So he's really feeling it now. The hike was gorgeous and the day couldn't have been more beautiful! About 70 degrees, sunny and breezy. We saw some people at the falls and passed a few mountain bikers and people on horse back but other then that we were pretty much alone on the trails. Saw some bear tracks but no actual bears. Thank goodness! I used the Porta-John before we got on the trail and managed to hold it comfortably til we got done. I was willing to "use" the trail if need be but being with two guys made me a little shy about it unless it was a serious need! Mike is planning some more hikes for us to do, bigger and more strenuous! I'm totally pumped and can't wait to go.....I don't think I burned quit as many calories as I hoped but it was still a good extra work out and a great time! After we got done hiking we stopped and had a quick dinner at Outback which was nice - Gianna spent the day wearing out her poor Grandma!!! All of us are ready for bed.....I'm so tired I could just collapse. I meant to get my mother in laws camera but it didn't work out to get it before we left so we took mine but since Gianna's been playing with it the batteries were low so I only snapped a couple of shots. I'm putting up a few Mike took too so that you can see the gorgeous falls we stopped at for lunch!


  1. Alaythea where is this hiking area at?

  2. i love the one of you and beej!! next time i come in town we should go hiking. i'll be there in september. (late in the month) i'll be fit by then, not more lazy becca. :)