Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is how my day behaves....

We've had a really loooonnngg day. I have a sinus cold on top of it so that doesn't help anything. I can't breathe and my head feels like it's going to explode. *sigh* But life must go on, right?! I was up by 6:30am so that I could work out and shower before leaving the house at 9am to go help my dad with some stuff and be back home and ready to leave for Charlotte by 1pm. Luckily, today is my "recovery" day workout so it's not quite as fast paced and it's only 30 mins. long. I managed to eat 1480 cals. today! Lol! I just didn't have time to really prepare everything I needed so I kinda had "snacks" today instead of full meals. I'm eating a cup of frozen grapes right now just to get my calories up to 1480 for today. Some day are like that.
I'm going to hiking with my hubby and a friend of his on Saturday and I'm beyond excited! It's going to be a pretty strenuous, 7 1/2 mile hike and I'm ready for the challenge. All this working out has me prepared! The weather is supposed to be about 70 degrees, so perfect for hiking. Praying we don't run into any bears or anything! I'm still going to do my work out that morning so I'll burn about 2000 calories on Sat. and I'm stoked about that - maybe I'll lose another pound or two this weekend!
So we met the Urologist today. A really nice, soft spoken man. He explained everything and went over all our options with us. We found out Gianna's reflux isn't quite as bad as we thought. They grade it levels 1-5 and she's a 2 on one side and a 3 on the other. There is a 50 and 80% chance she'll out grow it in five years but no guarantee. We have options to just watch it and see what happens, start her on medication, do a non surgery procedure to tighten the tubes or a surgery procedure to fix it completely. For now I think we are going to try the daily medication for a month or two and see how she does......his main concern is that at the stage she's at in potty training put her at a higher risk for getting more infections. She's at that "hold it and hold it" stage and that causes more issues. So we are going to try the medicine until she, hopefully grows out of that in a few months and gets the potty training thing down perfect. So we are hopeful this (and lots of prayer and faith!) will fix it!
After the doctor visit we took Gianna to see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D. She was kind restless but there were only a few people so I let her wander up and down our aisle. She didn't want to keep the glasses on so she watched most of it with out them! But in the end she said she loved it and it really was a super cute movie!
Went over to the in-laws after that and had dinner and spent a little time just chit chatting and playing with the kitty cats.......
Now my day is done and I'm exhausted, can't breathe and ready for sleep! Another day tomorrow - not sure what all it holds but I'm going tomorrow evening with my sister to a photo shoot at a party. A 70 year old's costume party!!! It should be loads of fun!!! Lol!
Good night, world.

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