Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bring on the sunshine!

These "destroyed" cuffed shorts are too cute and I've been wanting a pair but didn't want to pay the ridiculous prices that most of them carry! So since I have a ton of jeans that are too big now I thought I would make some of my own! No, those pictures are not the ones I am going to make....mine are going to be darker wash but I went on Youtube yesterday and learned how to "destroy" jeans and make the perfect "holes"!!! I made Gianna a pair yesterday out of some jeans that fit her in the waist but are too short for her and they are so cute....she saw me making them and now wants me to put holes in all her pants! But I'm going to make mine after I finish working out today - we are headed towards Charlotte today with my mother in law to pick up another cat! Beej has now agreed to let me get another cat! Woohoo! So I am going to start looking at my mother in law's cat as she has them - it's breeding season for her cattery. I want a female for sure and I think I'd rather have a darker cat like grey, black, brown, etc. She breeds a lot of white ones with colored "tips" and I don't think that's what I the hunt is on! I have several names picked out already! Haha! The first thing I think of when thinking about a new pet.....names are important even for animals!!!!

My new favorite breakfast cereal is Kashi Honey Almond Flax Crunch!!! My dad introduced me to it and it's so yummy! I don't have to add any extra sweetner and it's very filling. I've also figured out that skim milk, watered down just a little bit, is still pretty good in cereal! Instead of using 3/4 or a whole cup of milk with my cereal (because I like lots of milk in my cereal!), I cut the calories in half by using half a cup of milk and adding about 1/4 cup of cold water! Yesterday I only go about 1400 calories in....just didn't feel like eating much. I meant to have a snack last night to round of my calories but went to bed early, watched a little Lost.....then crashed! Woke up before my alarm at 6:50am! I'm just meant for earlier mornings! I get so much more done if I get up before 7:30 or 8am.
I don't feel very good this morning and the thought of working out doesn't sound fun but you know me, I'll do it anyway because once it's over I'll feel much better and I'll be glad I did it! I'm not only watching my calories this week but I'm really trying to keep all the calories I eat "light" because I don't want to go this weekend feeling bloated and yucky in my summer clothes! I wore a skirt and t-shirt yesterday and it felt so nice and springy!
I also laid out for the first time this year yesterday - it was so nice and hot and sunny yesterday I just couldn't resist especially being at my mom's for the afternoon. Even though they don't have the pool fixed yet D and I still used the deck.....We only laid out for about an hour and 15 mins. And I don't ever really but if I do get a little "crispy" it's usually on my chest or the tops of shoulders....and yesterday it was my chest! So it's a little red and itchy right now! But so worth it to have just a hint of color! I'm going to start laying out on my little back patio soon so that I can start tanning my oh, so white stomach!!! I think it's time it saw the light of day!

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