Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To all the smiles and giggles!

I received a gift on that faithful day
Of which I know I could never repay,
Just as God came down to say
He just gave one of his Angels away.

Little did I know, the test this would be
To prove to him and make him see,
That this angel was my destiny
Of that I’m sure a guarantee.

To hold her forever and never stray
To be there to comfort her pain away,
To see her through even the roughest of days
And teach her to be stronger along the way.

I was told one day, from a friend of mine
That God just gave me the gift of time!
Confused, I asked him to define?
And what he said never left my mind…

He said to watch her as she sleeps
It was then it became so plain to see,
How TIME STANDS STILL when she is next to me
Whether in my arms, or in my dreams.

Now watching each day as you grow
The changing of features from head to toe,
The smiles and giggles that make you glow
And the way you let your spirit show.

So, I’ll make a promise to you now
To raise you the best that I know how,
To teach you to always be confident and proud
So that you always stand out above the crowd!

1 comment:

  1. this is so beautiful!!! She will treasure those pictures when she is older, seeing pics of her while she was little just being silly with her mommy. i wish i had more like that with my mom. <3