Friday, April 30, 2010

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Tonight we drove to SC to meet up with a guy selling his old Super Nintendo game console and 18 games. Beej grew up on those games and thought that for the money it would be something fun to have and that Gianna might enjoy playing too. He's been showing her games on youtube all day and she's been so excited about getting these games. Right now they are in the living room playing up a storm! She's so funny jumping around with her controller in her hand. Yelling about what Beej is doing wrong - she just said "This is so amazin'!" She thinks she's actually playing! Beej let her actually play for a bit and she actually did pretty good. She just doesn't take instruction well so she couldn't play long!
Beej's brother came over to hang out with him today and I usually try to get out of the way and let them have some guy time so while they hung out Gi and I met up with my mom and brothers. We hit up Sonic for a drink during "Happy Hour" - their Strawberry Limeades are so yummy! And then we ran by a couple of thrift stores - I found Gianna a cute pair of white shoes that will be really cute with no socks to wear with shorts and stuff during the summer. And then I found her a brand new bathing suit too and got it for $1.00! It's adorable and it's a 4T but it fits her pretty darn well already. I also found a really cool pair of houndstooth peep toe heels that I ended up putting back because I wasn't sure they were worth the money. I might swing by tomorrow and see if they still have them though - if they do then I was meant to have them, and if not then it's not that big of a deal! I'm trying to get back into wearing heels some...I kinda opted out for flats for a long time, carrying a child and diaper bag around even on Sundays wasn't easy in heels. But now that Gianna walks and I don't have to carry her a big bag anymore heels are looking a lot more fun now! So I'm trying to slowly beef up my "dress up" wardrobe. Usually I opt for jeans on Sunday mornings but lately I've been trying to dress up a little more then usual! I can finally wear a lot of the dresses I was too fat for last year so that's nice. It's almost like having a new wardrobe and my dress pants fit again so I have more to choose from on Sunday mornings.
We've recently had a black kitty cat showing up around our door. I thought she belonged to someone in the apartments across the drive way from us but even though she hangs out there a lot I don't think she actually belongs to the people there. I think maybe she used to belong to the people that lived there and then they moved and just left her - maybe. Anyway, she seems hungry a lot so occasionally when she starts hanging around more then usual or trying to get in my door I'll give her something to eat. Lately we've been putting it out back and Gandalf has discovered her! He's so funny, he crouches and gets all intense and then charges the glass door. She just sits there and watches him like "You idiot!" Today he sat and watched her eat.....he isn't pleased. He didn't do well with Esme', our last cat, but none of us did really. She was crazy!!! I'm hoping he does better if and when we get another cat. I'm kinda keeping my eye on my mother in laws new litters as her cats have them - she has about 4 pregnant right now. I'm looking for the perfect one. There is possibly going to be a couple of little blacks on in the upcoming litters so I'm waiting to see!!!

My husband jokingly as me today if I would get rid of all my shoes , except dress shoes, if I could get 5 new pairs of Toms in return! I agreed to do it if he could come up with the $300 it would take to replace my shoe-drobe! Even though it was a joke I went ahead and picked out my 5 pairs of Toms. I figured I'd need a couple of neutral ones so I picked black and white but then I picked a couple of fun ones too to spice things up!!! Toms are awesome - they look great with shorts, skinny jeans, regular jeans, even casual dresses or skirts. And they are uber comfy! I'm not a huge fan of flip flops, everyone knows that about me, but I do own a pair. I find that I tend to gravitate to them because they just slip on and I can go. Toms are the same way, I can slip them on and off easily and they are light weight so they are a great summer shoes. Obviously they have them in heavier cloth to wear during the winter - the even have wrap around boots and I just might have to have a pair for Christmas!!!

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