Monday, May 3, 2010

Coming Home!

It is finally THE day! The day my dad and sister come home from their long trip to Nicaragua. And I am so excited! I know this day is going to creep by, especially since they are coming in later today and I may not get to see them until tomorrow. But I think I may sneak over and see them once they get in! They've been gone 17 days and that's plenty long enough for me. I'm used to my dad being gone for weeks at a time but I'm not used to DeeAnna being gone that long. I hate not being able to text her and "inform" her of things or ask her questions or just hang out with her.
I've mentioned a couple of times that I haven't been feeling well lately, mainly on FB, so if you aren't my friend on Facebook you wouldn't know. But I have just been having some really "off" days lately. Just feeling slow, sluggish and down. Even got sick to my stomach a couple of times. I think my problem has been my eating habits lately - I'll eat good for a day or two and then bad for a day or two and I think it's affecting me because in the midst of it all I'm still working out like mad. So I think my body is just over run right now. Someone was brave enough to ask me if I was pregnant! Lol! I told them as far as I'm aware of that's impossible since I had my tubes tied a year and a half ago. Now she's got me freaking out a bit that maybe I'm one of those freak "1 in 10,000" or something that get pregnant after they've had their tubes tied. Lord, I hope not. I think I could possibly die of a heart attack if I was. But I'm pretty sure that's NOT the problem! I think I've just run my body down, not to mention the weather has been so up and down lately - wet, dry, cold, hot, etc. and tons of pollen. And I've always been affected by the weather and I think my body is just worn out. I need to pump up my vitamins and healthy foods. My coach from Beach Body has provided me with some Shakeology samples - a protein shake mix full of vitamins and nutrients. I'm hoping that will help give me a boost too!
Speaking of weather - it's looking like a pretty grim day outside. I'm not a huge fan of rainy days especially if I have to get out in it (or my dad and sis are flying all day!). I think I'll be spending most of the day in doors though - my brothers are coming over for most of the morning, I'm going to work out and finish up laundry and maybe do a little reading. Started a new book by an author I've never heard of and so far it's kind freaky. Not because it's been scary (yet), it just has that freaky feel!
We watched the movie 2012 over the weekend. It wasn't horrible but was kinda blah at the same time. The story line had quite a few "holes" in it and the end was almost too "good". But the graphics were cool and John Cusack is fun to watch even when he's cheesy! We have a comedy, 'Ghost town', coming next. I've been wanting to see it and I think it'll be pretty funny. We also have The Box and The Invention of Lying coming after that. We are done with the Harry Potter series now so we are back to renting some newer releases. Trying to catch up! We just found out that director Ron Howard is set to start filming Stephen Kings 'The Dark Tower' Series in 2011! We are pretty stoked - especially Beej since he's read that entire series and fell in love with it. I started it but found all the ideas a bit overwhelming at the time - I may try it again soon though. It's a 7 book series and they plan to try and cram it all into 3 films. I guess they'll be cutting a lot out because I don't see how one film per a book could capture it all. Just like they are doing 8 films for 7 Harry Potter books, I think the same needs to be done with The Dark Tower. We've been speculating who we think we fit the lead roles and we've always said Viggo Mortenson would be the perfect Roland, and Beej says that he think Halle Barry should play Odetta but I think someone a little more unknown like Taraji Henson would be better. But we'll see! They've also named a director for the last Twilight film 'Breaking Dawn', to be honest I'm not exactly sure how it's going to go. He hasn't done any really great films in my opinion. His latest being "Dream Girls". I don't want it to be "soft" exactly but we'll see. I actually think of all the films Eclipse is going to be the best. I think the director is making a little darker this time and taking it back to that "indie" feel that Twilight had and New Moon lost. Of all of them I think New Moon will be the worst. It was my least favorite book and I think the director got way to "showy" with the filming. And they cut out a lot of key stuff and cut scenes short. I'm eager to see Eclipse in June!

I'm off to work out - I start Month 2 of Insanity today so my work outs are a little harder and a little longer. Pray I make it! Lol! I think we'll be doing a little swimming when we go down for my nieces graduation so I want to look nice in my bathing suits! So I've got a little less then three weeks to try and get a little more toned up! No more crappy food for me!

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