Friday, May 28, 2010

What to do next.....

So I am trying to decide what to do next - I know that I am going to keep on with Insanity, I love it and I've seem some great results but I think I need a little break. So I'm thinking about doing a week or two of some P90X work outs. I haven't done P90X in over 4 months and they did have several work outs I really liked. So just to mix it up a bit I may do that. I usually do an extra "recovery" week in between each round of Insanity so this may be my "recovery" time doing a little P90X. I'm thinking about getting Hip Hop Abs soon too, just for some fun since it's more dance driven. Also getting back to eating right. Yeah I know you may find it stupid that I'm getting back to eating super strict on Memorial Day but we don't have any big plans other then Beej will be off work and if I keep waiting for no holidays, birthdays, etc. I'll never get started. I've really just completely stopped worrying about how I was eating for the past month or so. I got lazy and bored to be honest, no excuse but that's why. But I haven't stopped working out at all - kept up with those like clockwork. So luckily, I have my metabolism up enough now that even eating like complete crap, and I mean complete crap, I've only gained a pound! Lol! I'll shake that off within the first week of eating right again. I'm ready to get this last five, well now six, pounds off before we are beach bound at the end of the summer - I don't want to be hiding behind my daughter or hubby to have pictures taken! You can always tell when people are not feeling good about themselves, they go from being in the front of the picture to hiding behind people and other things so that you can see their faces only! I don't want any more "face" pictures of myself. I realized the other day that over the past two or three years I don't have a lot of pictures of myself other then close up face shots that I was "comfortable" with. Most of them I'm peeking around Gianna's head.....So anyway, I'm back starting Monday - I'm ready to feel good again, I'm starting to feel a little self conscience again because I'm so off track. I've avoided talking to my coach for awhile because I don't want him to ask me how I'm doing! I'll be back to tracking calories and food and carrying my protein bars and fruit and cheese around with me when I go places.
Tonight Mom and I are going to a scrapbooking get together. It's not a class or anything just everyone brings all their scrapbooking stuff and we just work on our books. I haven't worked on mine since the last time we did this and that was months and months ago. So I've got to pull all my stuff out and re-organize it all. I've collected a good bit of stuff since then and I've just been stacking it up. Plus I have a lot of completed pages I didn't have a scrapbook for, now I do, so I have to get all those put into an album. I'm really excited!!! I love scrapbooking!
Plus after that we are going out to spend a very late night pricing and organizing stuff for our yardsale in the morning. I hate that part but the actual selling part I like! It's amazing what people buy - "one man's trash is another man's treasure!" So I'm going to be pooped tomorrow after it's all over with!
Well, I need to get my lazy butt up and get breakfast done so I can work out and get stuff organized before I head out to Mom's.......I laid out for about an hour yesterday and now my skin if feeling a little itchy. It's not red or burnt that I can tell but it's itchy for sure! It was SO hot laying out though, it supposedly got up to about 93 yesterday and I was literally laying there with sweat just pouring off of me. My hair was wet by the time I went inside an hour later! Whew! I think it's supposed to rain all weekend How I hate rain......

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  1. Girl it's so hot down here...I can't be out in the sun for more than 10 minutes and I'm drenched with sweat. I've been keeping up with my tan and im excited.
    I'm so proud that you have kept up your work outs. Only gaining a pound in a month is awesome concidering you haven't been eating right. I wish that was the case with me. I gain probably 4 lbs easily when i dont eat right. however im never working out like you are. :)
    i think you should post some pictures of your completed scrapbook pages. i love scrapbooking. ive got a lot of time off this week i may just sit down and work on it. :)