Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Mole Hill into a Mountain

I have recently dealt with several situations where I have to to take a step back and really almost just laugh! They are so out of hand, so ridiculous that I can't help it. Some have involved me directly but the latest one hasn't really involved me directly but indirectly. I've kinda been drug into the middle of it and I'm almost at a loss how to deal with both sides. Both people are dear to me but neither of them are right and they want me to side with them. I've done the best I can to speak my peace in a quiet manner and then just step out. So far I think it's worked but neither of them want to make peace between them which is where the real problem lies. It's funny and yet sad at the same time to see them throwing blame back and forth. And there is right and wrong on both sides. Some of it I understand and some of it is just pitiful and stupid. But what it boils down to is that both sides have habit of making mole hills into mountains so to speak. They harp on things until they are much much bigger then they needed to be or even started out as. Don't get me wrong, I think we can all do this to an extent. I know I've done it before. But it's not even really that situation, most of the time the root is much deeper and it's simply being fed by the festering problem. But in this case both sides are too stubborn and self absorbed to really take care of the issue one on one or face to face. Because neither will admit wrong, it will simply be a blame match. And it saddens me......I see all the things that are being missed out on and all the things that hopefully one day they will regret they missed with each other. As much as my family can drive nuts sometimes, and individuals can drive me to my wits end I don't ever want to keep it going, to end up turning it into something much bigger then it needed to be. I've found that not speaking and letting something just rest can really take the air out of it and you can see how big it truly is. Unless you keep running your mouth and then it keeps filling with useless, hot air until you can't even figure out how it got started in the first place. I've realized that family is WAY too important for me to let my petty ideas and attitudes get in the way. Even if I am right, just let it go and walk away with the knowledge that you are right and leave it be. Because trying to prove you are right only makes you look wrong. It's crazy to see that immature, petty behavior doesn't change much as you get older. I've seen so many immature grown ups lately that I'm almost scared to become one! I mean, at least people still use that "she's young" excuse for me sometimes! Lol! I agree, there is a lot I'm still learning, I don't handle everything right but I do honestly try. I don't want Gianna growing up amongst family riff's and tiff's. It angers me that people are so shallow as to put that kind of pressure on others. I hope and pray that I never get to the point with any of my family that I can't put aside my pride and be apart of their lives. No matter how wrong they are or how right I may feel, nothing is worth losing your family over. And it's funny what a big deal people make about NOT making something a big deal! They harp on how they've "let it go" , yet they haven't. They hold on to it and talk about it and think about it and in the end they are just as bitter and hard as the person they dislike. I have realized slowly that people that you harp on a lot or have a hard time dealing with but don't want to truly let go of are probably a lot like you. Shunning them completely is almost like shunning yourself. Even though you don't want to admit it the things that drive you crazy a lot of times are things you probably deal with in yourself. I tend to be critical of people, I don't mean to be I just am, I have to watch myself a lot but I hate it when others are critical of people.....I am trying, and not always succeeding, in holding my tongue when it comes to being critical. When I despise a characteristic in someone I have to take a look at myself and make sure I'm not struggling with the same issue. Sometimes I am, but not always. Sometimes there is just truly an issue that has to be dealt with.......
And so my dear blog readers, watch that you don't allow little issues to overwhelm and take over your life. Watch that you don't despise in others what they despise in you. Watch that you don't allow bitterness and regret to take over your life. Be quick to TRULY let go......

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  1. For some reason... I think I know who your talking about... :/