Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm sitting here drinking my morning "breakfast" protein's not bad - water, protein powder, 1 Tblspn. low sugar Nesquik powder (for taste.), half a banana and ice. For three days I drink that three times a day, eat a piece of fruit and then dinner is a 4 oz. chicken and lettuce. The last time I did it I think I lost a pound or two plus I just felt better after it. I wasn't bloated or had that "full" feeling. Tomorrow is my Day 60 for my second round of Insanity. I haven't stuck with the diet this time. I've tried to eat healthy for the most part but that's been about 70% of time with this round. I just got lazy to be honest but I've seen how it's effected my work outs and my overall results too. I haven't gained really but I have lost or defined any more either. So with this third round I'm getting ready to start I've decided to really buckle down again and stick to the diet 100% again and try to get this last 5-10lbs off. I'll be able to do almost two more full rounds before mid to late September. I plan to be completely beach ready by then, hopefully a tan too! Lol! If we can ever get the pool fixed out at my parents we'll be good to go.....
Some of you might find this hard to believe but since Beej and I have been together we have NEVER been to the beach together. Sad, I know! It's just never worked out really. 6 months or so after Gianna was born we went to Tybee Island with my aunt and uncle and their baby but we didn't spend any time of the "beach" really. Usually our vacations are to places where we have family so that we can visit and enjoy ourselves at the same time so we usually head to Bama or GA. But this year we decided it was time we took a real family vacation. Gianna's at the age now where she can really enjoy it and have fun. She's not as much "work" now really - we don't have to take as much, she sleeps on her own, she's more self reliant so to speak. I've been dying to go to the beach for the past year or so and so we decided to combine our family trip and our 5 year anniversary trip together and go to the beach! I really wanted to try and go to Gulf Shores, AL. We used to go to the beach there when I was a girl and I loved it but after I started pricing stuff I realized that might not work out...besides the fact that stuff is a little more pricey there it's also a 10 hour drive. Whew. Too much for us to take on. So we've decided on Myrtle Beach and we are going to wait and go in September which is off season so things are a good bit cheaper. We are planning to stay for 3 or 4 nights and just spend tons of time on the beach and hanging out with each other! I've been looking at condos on the beach and there are so many to choose from! Gianna is going to LOVE all the water and sand. She's been talking about building sand castles for quite a while now. She saw it on the Wiggles or somewhere and now she's totally ready for it. I'm going to have to buy her a ton of beach toys and I think she'll be entertained for hours! I'm planning on getting some serious sun and reading a good bit while laying out on the beach, collecting shells with my girl, taking some pictures and just enjoy being with my two favorite people on a vacation ALL to ourselves, no pressures and no schedules! I'm SO excited I can't hardly stand's going to be a good summer full of (hopefully) lots of pool days and some serious scrap booking not to mention starting piano lessons, which I'm thrilled about it! I'm excited about celebrating 5 years of marriage to my best friend and love of my life, and "celebrating" my 24 years here on earth too. So many wonderful events coming up! I'm pretty darn happy to say the least!!!!


  1. Make sure you take a good flash light to the beach with you and head out at dusk for a walk on the beach. Gianna will find so many cool things at that time and you and Beej can stand there under the stars looking out at the ocean ~ that's my fav time at the beach, our night time strolls. Especially being late September, that will be when you might see some sea turtles, but only after dusk.

  2. I agree with Candy....walking on the beach at night under the stars, treading through the water with my bare feet while holding on to Jared's hand was...magical...for lack of a better word.

    So glad you all are going to actually going to get to go to the beach this year...since you've been talking about wanting to go on your blog for months now! Piano lessons are gonna be a blast girl! hehe

    Speaking of scrapbooking...that reminds me I got 2 scrapbooks for my 21st b-day and have yet to start working on them..need to do that...thanks for the 'light bulb moment!' lol