Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What I don't understand....

I don't understand how anyone can truly not believe in God. I struggle to understand that concept. To understand how they could doubt. Even at my lowest I've never thought there wasn't a God, thought maybe for the moment He wasn't listening but never that He wasn't there at all. I can't imagine being able to walk out the door each day not trembling in fear if I didn't know He was taking care of me, watching out for me, guiding my steps and ultimately, if something did happen, that I would be spending eternity with by His side. The very idea of this leaves a sinking feeling in my chest. When I hear someone say that they don't believe the idea is almost not fathomable to me....where do you think love comes from? Or where do you think your children have been given to you from? Where do you think the world and creation came from? Where do you think you came from? To not believe in God is to not believe in yourself - we are made in the image of God so if we don't believe in Him then what are we?
No one needs religion, I totally agree with that. Religion is stuck up and biased. Religion looks down its nose at those who aren't religious. It is caught up in rituals and traditions. Jesus is not a religion. He is salvation, He is life, He is grace, He is love. Those who misrepresent who He is should be ashamed and will be accountable for their actions. But just because what someone "sees" from religious people turns them away doesn't mean that is who Jesus is. So many people never find out for the themselves. They take others word or what they see as "fact" and turn their backs on the greatest gift they'll ever receive. It literally scares me to think that they are willing to trust their future to nothing. I would much rather believe in God and have some security for the future then to believe in nothing. People try to separate God from reality but God is reality. He is what I base my life on every day.....He is my sanity! I see people's lives that claim they are better off without Him but most people say that when things are going well. When things are going bad they want to blame God. If you truly believe in yourself that much then you are setting yourself up for failure, because every human is well, human. You are bound to fall, mess up, fail and let yourself down. God never does that. I wish for each and every person to have a true relationship with God, to know His love and grace and the peace that comes with trusting Him with everything. He isn't a figment of someone's imagination. He is truth and reality. I dread to think of the day they have to stand before Him and say "Well, you just weren't the reality I wanted!" and then He has to turn them away with much sorrow because He loves each of us with an incredible love deeper then they love of any man we've ever known. I hope and pray that each and every person knows Him like I know Him!


  1. its hard for me to grasp that too! God has been the center of my hope for as long as I can remember. I've seen him move in my life and others lifes around me. I've witnessed healing and watched Him completely transform lives. He is life...I can't imagine not knowing that he is in control.