Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here, There and Everywhere.

Yesterday was a good day - I stayed home all day, never even went outside. It rained and rainy days always make me want to stay inside anyway so it all worked out well. I got everything accomplished that I wanted to, mainly laundry and cleaning the floors. I didn't get my scrapbook stuff organized and that's because by the time I did three loads of laundry, cleaned three floors, vacuumed and made Gianna's bed up I was beat. I started my "cleanse" yesterday too, and all morning I felt great but by like 3 o'clock it was hitting me that all I had all day was protein shakes and a piece of fruit. I didn't feel bad just sorta tired. So today is the second day and this time I'm adding half a cup of fruit to each of my three shakes. Dinner was amazing last night since it's the only "real" food I can eat, a 4 oz. piece of chicken and lettuce with a small amount of low fat dressing. I never thought that would excite me as much as it did last night! But the goal of this cleanse is mainly to just get me back in healthy mode - I've fallen off track a lot with the eating part, I seem to have the working out down pretty good. But I've felt horrible eating sugar and greasy foods all last week. So this was to just purge my system so to speak and help me zap my body back. This cleanse is supposed to help you not feel as bloated and to help you drop a few pounds - which I think I may have put on a couple of pounds but since I don't have scales I don't know. I just go by how I feel and look in my clothes. Some of it is mental I know but some of it is for real!
I have Plyo this morning (jump training), it's my least favorite work out. I'm actually dreading it to be honest. I know I'll feel great once it's done but actually pressing the play button this morning is really making me feel blah. The weather outside isn't helping. Looks like another blah day. My plan was to stay home most of the day today too but that may change! I think Gianna has the go-go mentality, she seemed puzzled as to why we didn't go anywhere yesterday. In fact, by like 8pm last night she was begging to go to Wal-Mart!!!! I found that quite amusing!
My computer is on the fritz again - it seems to have the same virus it had last time it did this. I'm kinda bummed. I've worked really hard to try and keep the hard drive clean - last time we installed anti-virus software and I run it frequently to keep everything up to date. But yesterday I decided to download iTunes.....and a couple of hours later I had this virus. I didn't go to any new websites or anything yesterday and I'm not saying for sure it was iTunes but that was quite the coincidence. So once again I'm back on Beej's computer, which isn't bad but I just like having my own computer.....anyway, I don't know how we'll fix it. Last time Beej had to wipe the whole hard drive clean so who knows.
We are headed to Savannah this weekend - I'm not looking forward to the 5 1/2 hours in the car because Gianna won't enjoy it but overall she's a good traveler. She just likes to get out and go. She's got potty training down now so that will be a little easier then it was last time we went down there......but it still requires more stops then normal. We are staying in a hotel this time, I'm looking forward to it! I love staying at hotels. And this one has a pool so I plan to spend some time out there Fri and Sat. I know Gianna will love it too. Mom and Dad's pool still isn't fixed so we haven't had the pleasure of doing any swimming yet this year. Still keeping our fingers crossed that it'll be fixed soon! But we are going down for Beej's niece's graduation. I can't believe she's graduating, so crazy! We are excited to be able to go down and celebrate this HUGE milestone with her and everyone else. And getting away, even for the weekend, is fun!
Still trying to get a new dental appt. for Gianna. I called a Pediatric Dentist in Hendersonville but they don't take her insurance anymore so they directed me to someone else - I've left messages but no one has returned my calls yet. I'm kinda getting ticked now. Gotta call them again today. I'm sure it'll be a month or more before they can get us in so I'd like to get the appt. set as soon as possible. I keep watching Gianna's tooth and I can't tell if it's getting worse or not. I don't know if it's decaying down into the gum or what. It's got me really worried. I just want to get it taken care of ASAP. But I dread taking her to another dentist especially after our last experience. Lord!
Beej joined the gym a few weeks ago, I've been so proud of him working out after work and sometimes even before work. I love seeing him commit to things, it's always inspired me. I know he's feeling great about going - and he feeds off the other guys that work out there too. Girls tend to not do that as much but guys like to see other guys that are bigger or better and it inspires them to work out harder. It just makes me feel like I'll never be there so it discourages me most of them time! I just have to focus on being good for me......I just don't want Beej and I to get for the moment. I want this to be a lifetime thing. I see so many people work really hard for a bit, get to a good place and then totally let it go and end up being worse off then before they started. I can't imagine letting all my hard work go completely to waste. Yeah, I mess up, quite a bit but I always get back at it. Don't get me wrong, it's alot of hard work but it's so worth it to get up and feel great about yourself everyday. To go shopping and not feel like crap trying on stuff, or to look in the mirror and be pleased with what you see or to just walk into a room and not feel like people are looking at you because you are overweight. Yeah, I probably over think stuff way too much but that's how I have felt in the past!
Ok, enough ranting on about useless stuff. I am planning to write a blog soon about another subject I feel pretty strongly about - I posted the blog about adultery because I feel it's time I stood up for how I see stuff. I tend to just keep it to myself so that I don't offend people but I don't think that's how I'm supposed to live. I can stand up for what I believe and still love those who are sinning. I sometimes I don't know where to put that line, in between standing up for what's right but not putting my stamp of approval on it. It's a tough line for sure....but that's for another day!

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