Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Wonderful Day!

My awesome, new jean jacket! I've been needing and wanting one for awhile now and now I have it!

My beautiful new purse! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

My new wallet - isn't that the coolest?! I love the green.
My new plant, hopefully I can keep it alive but the pot is so, so cute!!!

So I haven't had the chance to really sit down and tell everyone about my Mother's Day. It was wonderful to say the least. We had so much fun out and about all day long. My WHOLE family was together, which is rare lately. It seems one of us is always missing - but even my sister Charity went a long and we don't get to see her much so it was nice to have her around. We went to Asheville, skipped church because we wanted to get to the restaurant a little early since we knew it would be super crowded. We all ate lunch at Asiana, one of our favorite Chinese place! Exchanged gifts there too - we got Mom new potholders, a new coffee maker, a book, a necklace and a Willow Tree Angel called "Angel in the Kitchen". I got it because it's holding a teapot and my mother is obsessed with tea right now! I received a beautiful potted plant, the decorative frog is just too cute. I don't know how well I'll be at keeping the actual plant alive but I love the way it looks. So fresh and springy! I also got a new wallet, which I've been wanting forever! And a gift certificate to It's All In The Bag in Forest City to pick out a new purse. I have black purses, red purses, pink purses but no neutral/brown purses so I had seen one there I loved and so I was so excited to go get it. Went this morning and it was gone! I didn't have time to really look around a lot so I decided to come back later when I could decide on something else. Nothing really caught my eye like that purse had so I was a little bummed. But I went back later today and she asked me what I was looking for, I described the purse to her and she said hang on a minute, I have something like that in the back. She went and got it and it was the purse I wanted!!!! I was so happy!!! I also got a new jean jacket, I've had the one I usually wear for 6 or 7 years now and although jean jackets are timeless this one was starting to look a little out of date. So I got a new one and it's perfect. Not to mention my hair cut so I'm one happy mother this Mother's Day!!!
Anyway, after lunch we went a did a little shopping while the guys browsed Best Buy for music and gadgets and played some Beatles Rock Band! After that we headed to downtown Asheville, it was a little chilly that day but sunny so it was pretty nice to walk around.....we visited various little shops and picked up a few goodies. Mom found a tea and spice shop that she really liked. Tons of jewelry stores and trinket shops. Of course we can't go to Asheville and not visit a Starbucks so we chilled out and "put up our feet" while eating too many sugary treats! I had a blue berry muffin that was quite scrumptous!
We decided not to call it a day after that - instead we headed to Mom's house and had burgers and home made fries for dinner. Since it was so chilly out that night we decided to build a bonfire and makes smores! I love Smores, ever since I was a kid. They have such great memories that go along with them from all our different camping trips as a family. We really had a great time just laughing, cutting up and enjoying each others company. All in all a very great day with family!
On top of it all we have lots of birthday's to celebrate too - my brother turned 14 the day after Mother's Day so we celebrated Monday too. My other little brother will turn 10 on Sat. and then mom's birthday is this coming Sunday. A graduation in the midst of all that too. So a very busy week for all of us. But I wouldn't have it any other way, I like to keep busy and moving!

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