Friday, May 21, 2010

Travel Day!

We are headed out on the road today! We love to travel and we don't get to do it quite as much as we'd like so we make the most of every travel opportunity we get. We always try to mix in a little "business with pleasure" so to speak. This time we are going to Savannah, GA for Beej's niece's graduation and then of course just to relax and enjoy time with family as well. We are traveling down with Beej's dad today - his car has more room although I hate the thought of spending 6 hours in the back seat. But that does help me entertain Gianna little more. Since aren't leaving til after lunch I'm hoping she's pass out not long after we get started. I have promised her chocolate milk at the first gas station stop! She's been asking for it for days and I haven't made it to the grocery store to get any. She wanted chocolate milk with her leftover pizza this morning for breakfast - when it comes to breakfast she's just like her daddy, it's either no breakfast or lunch food for breakfast!!!! I'm very blessed though that Gianna has always been a great traveler. Even during potty training things usually went very well. She's got the potty training down now so I don't expect any problems there. She does get restless towards then end of the trip because she's a very active child. She hates to sit still for long. But she loves going to see her Aunt Candi, Uncle Peaches, Magyn (who she keeps reminding me is 17! Too cute!) and Reilly (their dog who adores Gi!). They always make a big fuss over her so she loves it.
I can't believe Magyn is graduating already! It so scary, most of the time I feel like I just graduated and then all these "little kids" are graduation now and I realize I'm getting old. And it sucks! Lol! I recently sang at the HARC (Home School) graduation ceremony and one of the girls I've known since she was like 5 or 6 and suddenly she's 17 and graduating. And my little sister will be graduation next's almost too overwhelming. I realize all too soon Gianna will be graduating too and that freaks me out big time. Not that I don't want her to, unlike most mothers I'm eager to watch my child grow up, change and move forward in life. That's not what bothers me, it's me getting old that bothers me. I almost have a phobia of getting older and I'm not kidding. I can't think about it or fears literally grips my heart.......*sigh* Ok, enough of that!
I'm at a good place in life right now - I don't want to be here forever but I'm discovering myself again. I watch so many mom's become obsessed with their children and it all seems sweet and good until that child tries to grow up and "leave" and then the mom's have meltdowns, go into depressions and completely can't function. I want to make sure that I keep myself aware of "me" so that when it is time for Gianna to start doing more on her own I'm not at a complete loss suddenly trying to figure out who I am. I'm more then just a mom and wife and I say that over and over again but it's true. I'm not just Beej's wife or Gianna's mom, I'm Alaythea. And there is a lot to me as a person and I'm trying to build that so that it's not forgotten! I'm so excited about furthering my musical abilities soon. I want to start writing again - I've started. My "idea" book is slowly filling up. I've asked Beej to start helping me write some stuff but he's staying pretty busy with work, the gym now (I'm SO proud of him for working out so hard, he's lookin' even better now!!!), spending time with Gi and I when he can and also trying to keep up his musical endeavors. We are always on the go and I love that! I wouldn't like to just be at home 24/7.
But enough of all that......I've got packing to do and a work out to kick butt with! I did two work out's yesterday because I'll miss working out tomorrow morning. Plus we had pizza last night and I had to "atone" for that!!! Lol! I think I'm going to do another cleanse when we get back from this weekend - I like the way I felt after it and I lost a few more pounds doing it too. Just gotta go pick up more protein mix and maybe some Muscle Milk - with a little banana and ice that stuff isn't bad! For now it's oatmeal - I swear I'm not far from actually seeing abs soon!!!!

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