Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Time To Celebrate

May is a crazy month for us normally, but you add in extra activities and events and it's a HUGE ordeal! Especially when it seems everything happens within the same week. I haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. Leaving fairly early in the morning after I get a work out and shower in and then not getting home until late at night and heading straight to bed.
Sunday we had Mother's Day and I've already told you all about that - it was quite a good day actually.
Monday was my little brother, Kenneth's, birthday. He turned 14, we all just have him money towards an iPod Touch which he has ordered and is eagerly awaiting! He went with some friends to play Laser Tag that day and then we celebrated that night with a huge cookie and ice cream.
Tuesday-Thursday I spent pretty much every day out at Mom's house working on various projects for her and daddy. She took on the local Home School organization graduation and had the bulk of everything to do so I helped her out a lot all week getting things ready for that. Plus doing the usual stuff I help my dad out with. Gianna's enjoyed hanging out there because they have a huge porch and yard to play in, so she's gotten lots of outdoor time in this week.
Gianna spent the night out at Mom's house Thurs. night so she could stay with Dad Fri morning while we girls went to decorate and set up for this graduation......Beej was going to work half a day that morning but got up and the Jeep wouldn't start. We had driven all the day before and it hadn't seemed like anything was wrong. We thought maybe it was out of gas (although it wasn't supposed to be!), then we thought maybe it was the starter or even the fuel injection pump. It wasn't gas so we had it towed to our local mechanic. They thought maybe the micro chip in Beej's key was bad so they tried mine and that wasn't it either. It didn't seem to be any of the other problems we thought either. They finally figured out it was the starter chip that connects with the chips in our keys to crank it, it had gone bad. So that was NOT cheap to fix at all. But it's done, thankfully we had the money and that's it.
After all that, and setting up for graduation, we went back to Mom's for a few hours to get dressed and head back to the church to start cooking for the graduation. I was singing two songs, and it was my first kinda big thing I've sang for in years! I didn't realize how out of practice I was! There was almost 200 people there and we were pretty pleased with the turn out. It all went really well, there were 4 graduates and the reception went off great too. Tons of yummy (and fattening!) foods.
Yesterday was Matthew's 10th birthday, he got a hamster for his birthday. A little white one that resembles a fat mouse! Lol! He named it Yetty. Don't ask me why but it's a cute name. Beej and I went to dinner with some friends that evening and then went by Beej's mom's house to see the new kittens. The litter I think I'm getting a kitten from was born a few days ago so I wanted to take a peek at them. There are three adorable ones to choose from, but I'll wait and choose once they are older and you can see the personalities more. But I'm excited, I know Gianna is going to be SO thrilled when we finally get it. She's been enthralled with Matthew's hamster....but that's going to happen because I hate hamsters and won't get near them!!!
Finally made it to bed around midnight later night and I'm back up at 6:45am to work out and shower before heading to church this morning. Then we are back out to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Mom's birthday today! Whew. I'm about partied out now! Hamburger steak and cheese cake is on the menu today. Tomorrow I've already decide that I'm staying home for three days straight and doing a cleanse. I need to clear my system of all this sugar I've eaten this past week and get myself back on track and on my normal schedule. We are headed to Savannah, GA on Friday and we'll be there until Sunday. I don't want to go feeling like crap!!!
So that's been my uber busy week. Hopefully next week we can slow down and get back into the swing of things......

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  1. Yeah, there were quite a few birthday's and activities for your whole family this week weren't there!? I'm so glad ya'll got the jeep fixed...yikes...that was some timing for it to have issues was it not?

    I cannot wait to see pics of the new kitty, and I'm sure Gianna will be thrilled with a new cute playmate for sure!

    I hope you have fun today with all of your family, girl! :-D