Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yeah, I love 'em!

(I think this tattoo is amazing....I love the way it looks almost painted on rather then inked on. I love tree tattoos - I love how a tree can symbolize both life and death......)
(The tattoo on John Mayer's forearm. I absolutely love it! I think forearm tattoos are really hot on guys who have nice arms - like my hubby! I really want him to get one and he says IF he ever does he'll get one on his forearm.....but he has no idea what he wants or if he ever really wants one.
(I saw this tattoo awhile back while looking at some bird tats for my sister. I think it's gorgeous and a really neat idea.....)
(Joy Williams has a tattoo similar to this on her forearm. It's just one row with the black birds on it. Again, I don't know the meaning behind it but I thought it was really cute!)
( I'm not a huge fan of color tattoos, I think black and white are more classic but this one is awesome! The color, the idea, the swirls, etc. It's all so cool and pretty!)

Ok, so everyone knows I love tattoos! Well, let me rephrase, I love tasteful, meaningful tattoos. Ones that are pretty and done well. Some of the tattoos people get I totally don't get or understand. I guess it means something to them but cartoon characters and skulls or demonic stuff I don't understand at all. I like classic images or ideas. I don't like "popular" tattoos - like barbed wire was big for awhile and now it's nautical stars. Don't ever get a tat because it's a popular idea or thing to do. Have meaning behind it. I got the star on my foot to represent Gianna, my little star. I added the swirls and "leaves" to it to represent being a woman, feeling pretty and feminine. I got the heart on my wrist for Beej and I, to represent our love. I would like to add the words "If we say goodbye, my heart's in trouble" around it, but I'm not sure it'll fit because my wrist is pretty tiny. The words are from one of my favorite Mute Math songs and it is how I feel about Beej.
The closed eye on my shoulder is to remind me to walk by faith and not by sight. To not let my surrounding dictate what I do in life. To always "see" beyond what I see. I'm going to get both my wrist tat and my eye retouched soon. The ink they were done in were water based and my skin doesn't seem to hold that ink well, oil based ink does best to achieve a sharp, black image.
I do hope Beej will discover something he loves soon and get a tattoo. I think it would be so hot on him and totally fit the musician/rocker thing he has going on. But I'm not sure if that's really his thing or not. And a tattoo is something you should never be forced in to!!! Lol!

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  1. I so totally agree! My mom's mom is Cherokee and was raised on the reservation here and brought a lot of that culture into our lives growing up. But I still hate when people get the standard 'leather tied feather with beads' tat, or even worse, an Indian head. What are they thinking!

    My 1st tat was the Cherokee symbol for Feminine Power high up on my ankle. I had just been threw a time frame that took great personal and physical strength, so this meant a lot to me. On the back on my shoulder I have the Cherokee symbol for wisdom. I wanted it on the back of the shoulder as a reminder that I am much too wise to return to the life I had before. Then across my lower back I have 4 Cherokee symbols, woman, mother, lover, friend. I guess they speak for themselves. And most recently I got the sun, crescent moon, and two stars on my foot. I have been told that I am as powerful as the sun at times, my husband is as calm and constant as the moon, and then I have my two little stars Halee and Coleman.

    I don’t know if I will ever get another one. As much as I love them I don’t really want to be someone who has them just scattered all over the place. And I like that all the ones that I have are in places I can either show or hide.

    I think my worst hated tattoo people get is the stupid red rose women always get on their cleavage. I mean, really!