Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm not sure exactly why I got sick last night, it just happened. And it's happened one other night too. I feel great all day, then I eat dinner and slowly start feeling sick to my stomach until by like 8:30 or so I feel so nauseated I can't stand it - never throw up though - so I end up going to bed and sleeping it off. Wake up feeling great in the morning! I'm not sure if it's something I'm eating or what - it hasn't been the same dinner both times. I almost wonder if it's not because I haven't eat enough. Because part of me almost feels hungry during these times but then I feel sick to so I end up just going to bed. At that point last night I had only had like 1400 calories and I had worked out and been running up and down Mom's stairs all day. Who knows, maybe it's just my body's way of telling me it's tired and I just need to rest. I usually feel fine after I sleep about 10 hours straight. Hopefully it won't happen again - it ruins my evening! I was planning to start the movie 2012 with Beej last night but just ended up going to bed instead. Maybe we'll start it tonight instead.
I don't have any big plans today - I do want to work out and then possibly lay out too. I am slowly but surely working on my tan! It's supposed to rain tomorrow and Sat. so today may be the only day I get for a little bit. I'll throw Gi in to her bathing suit and let her get a little sun too. She loves being outside and playing....she spends most of the time at my parents running around in the yard. It wears her out!!! My mother in law wanted to go to Spartanburg and I thought today might be a good time to go because Old Navy is having a store wide 30% off sale today! That's an awesome deal - I need to look for some shorts. I bought a couple of pairs a month or so ago but I have this bad habit of buying stuff too big sometimes just because I don't think I can wear the smaller size! Lol! And then once I start wearing them a lot and they are falling off of me it gets on my nerves and I won't wear them anymore. Right now I only have one pair of shorts that fit me well and that I like. All my jean shorts are too big - and when you wear shorts that are too big it just makes your butt look big! Haha!!! So we might do that today, or we might not! Who really knows! I'm just kinda going with the flow. My work out is the only for sure thing I'm doing today....
I'm getting ready to start a new book - debating between a Stephen King book or a Dean Koontz book. Beej went by the local library book sale yesterday and came home with 3 new Koontz books and 4 Stephen King books! So I have quite a selection to choose from! Not to mention I have several on the shelf that I still haven't read. We collect them faster then we can read them! But the way I look at it is we'll never not have something to read....He picked up 8 books, hard and soft back, for $5 yesterday. It's still going on today so we may try to run down there and see if they have anything else we want.
Tomorrow Gi and I are going to breakfast with my mom, brothers and sis, Charity. Charity turned 21 yesterday. Legal adult now - not that it really changes anything for her. She doesn't drink or anything! Lol! Maybe her insurance will go down a bit but that's about it. After that we may go walk around down town Rutherfordton because it's May Fest tomorrow. Possibly the most boring "festival" ever but we still go. You usually see a few people you know, possibly buy a very over priced toy for Gianna, avoid all the food stands because they are expensive, greasy and just plain bad for you, and then wonder why in the world we bothered to come down at all!!! Lol! It's more just an excuse to get out of the house really.
Well, people, I'm outta here. I keep meaning to post some interesting blogs. I have ideas but honestly I've just been too lazy to actually write them. Sad, I know. But I'll do it soon, I promise!!! I'm stealing some ideas from my ultimate blogger friend, Sarah!!! She usually has some great ideas - check out her blog at

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  1. You steal away girl...I find it flattering, not like you're stealing for real or anything! Thanks 'Ultimate Blogger Buddy' for the plug! lol

    I cannot believe I missed the chance to go to the library book sale yesterday...urgh! I didn't even know it was going on actually. Well it's work for me today, and then I'm heading out to see no book perusing and purchasing for me today! *slightly sad face*

    Have a great day! :-)