Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had a long day of running around with the fam today. Always interesting and I managed to eat pretty well today too despite eating out twice. It's a lot harder then you think but thanks to modern technology you can look up anything and find out the calories, etc. before you eat it! We had Chinese for lunch and that's always hard because there is so much sodium in everything they cook. But I had about 1/4 cup of rice and chicken and broccoli. I kept it to a very small portion because I knew the calories would be higher since it wasn't prepared "clean". And I packed my snack/meals for in between lunch and dinner. Dinner we had Mexican and I had grilled chicken strips, 1/2 c. refried beans and tomato salsa. NO chips or cheese dip! (Here is where I bow and smile really big because I'm always proud of myself when I resist the chips!). My "snack" tonight is small since I used up most of my calories earlier today - frozen grapes but they are oh, so yummy!!!
I weighed at my mom's today - I don't own a scale because I would get WAY to caught up with weighing all the time if I had one here. So I only weigh every couple of weeks or so when I'm out there...last time I weighed (about two weeks ago or so) I was at 127 even. I was afraid that the number would be the same or more since I ate pretty crappy this past weekend but lo, and behold! I LOST a pound and a half!!! I'm now at 125.5! Only 5.5.lbs away from my goal weight! I still think I have about ten more lbs to go before I actually look really good! And most of it is still hanging on around my tummy. Dang it. I think I may have to start eating nothing but oatmeal until I can see my abs! I keep hearing plain oatmeal sweetened with berries is really good for people wanting to actually see their abs. The thing is my tummy is hard - but I still have some fat layers over it. Oh, well, I'll keep at it!!! Oh and I managed to keep my calories intake to 1652 today! So not too far over.....
Tomorrow we are headed to Charlotte to meet Gianna's Pedi. Urologist. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Because I know she'll realize it's a dr.'s office and freak out. I really hope they don't have to examine her or anything but just our luck they will. Since they've already run tests I'm hoping he'll just go over those and talk to us about them and what we need to do next.
My blogs have been boring lately and for that I'm truly sorry. I've been running around a lot lately and just haven't had a chance to really sit down and gather my thoughts and blog appropriately. I have several blog ideas going but they aren't fully formed. I do want to do a blog on my favorite band and why I love them so soon but I'm still forming that one mentally. I have another blog idea inspired by one of my favorite songs by Leigh lots to come if I can ever just stop and think things through! For now I'm going to close, finish my frozen grapes, print up directions for tomorrow and then go get some rest so I can get up early and work out - tomorrow is my recovery day so the work out is a little easier but I'll still sweat like mad....whew!

(Note: The art above is an original oil painting by Peter Furler (former lead singer of the Newsboys). It's currently for sale and you can check out more of his amazing art at

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