Friday, March 25, 2011


We had such a wonderful day today! I got up pretty early and got my work out in....I always feel like I've really started the day off well if I get my work out in and out of the way. We got ready and headed out, dropped Bug off at her Grandma's and headed out of town for most of the day. We went by the salon that is graciously helping me sell my headbands and hair accessories! I took some down last week and most of them were gone by the end of the day - very exciting! After that the Hubs and I had lunch at Moe's - we love that place! So yummy. And then we hit up the mall......the hubby got new golf shoes and some new rockin' shades (see pics below!), I was so proud of him because he never buys anything for himself and he works so hard all the time I really enjoy it when he gets something for himself. But then he got me something too.......

.....he got me new work out shoes!!! *scream, clap, laugh, shout, dance, etc.* Lol! Seriously. I started looking at new tennis shoes a few days ago and I had my eye on the new ZigTech line by Reebok. I've heard great things about it and I've heard they are very supportive for high impact type work outs and running. Which I need! Especially doing Turbo Fire now I've noticed my Nike's just aren't giving my feet the support they need. Of course I got those Nike's back in August and working out 6 days a week wears them out pretty quickly. The problem was the Zig's I wanted were $100! Yikes! So I had check around online and found them for $80. Checked a place in the mall and they were the same so I almost got them there but decided to check another store and holy cow, am I glad I did! They had the pair I wanted on sale for $60! I was so thrilled.....but of course they didn't have my size. So I ordered them and they'll be shipped to my house. I can not wait till they get here!!!!

I also went to WeeRuns tonight - I love going, it's so fun looking for cute stuff for Bug. Most stuff is priced really well and is in great condition. I spent $46 and got Bug a like new pair of Gap shoes, a dance leotard, 4 shirts, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 dresses and a bathing suit! I was quite happy with my selections and the deals I got. I'm eager to go back for the 50% off sale in a week or so.....and then to pick up my check from all my own sales there! It's a pretty nice exchange. It's like I get paid to buy stuff for Bug! I like that!

So yeah, all in all, a wonderful day for sure! Tomorrow it's supposed to start raining and rain through Sunday. Blah. I hope it holds off long enough for the hubby to play golf - he so looks forward to that on Saturdays. But either way Bug will be sporting her new rain coat, boots and umbrella at some point this weekend. She'll be thrilled about that!

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  1. Long hair pleaaaaase! I want mine to grow faster, I wear hair clip ons and they do the trick but I want longer hair, I want to whip it and feel like Rapunzel! ... Think I need to shop for more cute workout clothing too! Have a lovely weekend!

    <3 Cess O.