Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yesterday was a great day! Really, I got so much accomplished. Worked out, made some amazing bows to take down to the salon that has offered to sell them for me. I took some down last Friday and by the time I got home that afternoon they were calling me to say they had sold them all! I was very pleased to say the least but now I've been working my tail off to get more made to take down this coming Friday! So I'm working, working, working.......

I started making these yesterday too, just an idea I had, threw it together and LOVED it! I recently acquired a bunch of antique buttons. They belonged to my mother in law, and her mother before her and so on....I was so excited when she offered them to me to use! So I'm making these adorable little beauties with antique button middles. They are set on a bobby pin and just slide into the hair to dress up any look especially ponytails!

Last night I went to my first ever fitness class! I was so excited, I've been working out for over a year and a half now but haven't been to any kind of class. Most classes are presented by a gym and in order to go you have to have a gym membership which I don't want. So I was really excited when a lady at our church decided to start a Zumba class. I've heard great things about Zumba so I thought it might be fun. And it was! There was about 30 ladies there, I was surprised there were so many......last night we spent an hour going over all the moves. The show you all the moves and then break them down step by step. Even doing that I broke a sweat.....

So I can only imagine once we get into actual workouts how much I sweat and burn. I work out my abs a good bit so I didn't think I would be too sore although most of the moves require a tight abdomen but goodness, I didn't think about my butt muscles! Lol! I guess I don't work those enough because holy cow, they are SO sore this morning! Haha!!! But I'm thrilled about the class and I'm eager for next week.

This morning I've got 40 minutes of Turbo Fire - tomorrow it's 55 minutes. Whew! After that I'm going to make a few more headbands/bows and then probably head over to my mother in law's and do some hair coloring and cutting.

Looking forward to tomorrow night.....I think the Hubby and I may have a bit of a night out and go hit up Old Navy for some new jeans (for him, I'm waiting a month or two so that hopefully I'll be about 5-8lbs lighter!).

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  1. zumba @ church?? i love it! i have so many friends totoally obsessed w/ zumba it's crazy! i love those bows- congrats on the selling out! ;)