Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hot fudge kinda day.....

My stress level is rising......this week is only going to get more and more stressful as it goes
along. I am working on my headbands like mad trying to get them done in time for
everywhere I need to take them. But at the same time I want to take my time and make
sure they are nice, neat and something I'm proud of. The ones I made today I'm very
excited about - the color combo's, the way the rosettes and pom-pom's turned out....
I wanted to keep most of them for myself to wear! But still, it's time consuming
and doing it while I'm trying to keep my almost 4 year old entertained and out of trouble
at the same time is quite the task.
I did manage to work out this morning after dragging myself out of bed when my alarm
went off at 6:45am. I think tomorrow I need to set it for an even earlier time.
I stopped mid day and ran out and picked up my sister's new cat, Stickles.
They adopted her from the pound and she went to the vet to be fixed but had to be
picked up today and they both had to work late. So I babysat her all day. She is quite
the feisty little thing and spent half the day streaking up and down the stairs and the
other half attempting to chew her stitches out! It will be quite the house full with her, a golden
retriever and a Beagle/Jack Russell mix all in the house at the same time! Whew!

I went the other day to get wire hangers (a requirement when hanging your clothes for the
WeeRuns consignment sale) but there isn't one to be found even at the cleaner's.
I think everyone else is trying to get ready for WeeRuns too. I'm going to use plastic ones
and hope and pray I can still get through. But then you also have to attach your sale
tags with safety pins.....so I went to get safety pins tonight. Wal-Mart is SOLD OUT,
completely. UGH. Not sure where else around town I can get a bunch of safety pins.
I'm almost at the point where it doesn't even seem worth it.......
Maybe I'll feel more hopeful about it in the morning....maybe.

But for now, even though I've been eating right all day long since Monday.....
I think it's a hot fudge kinda night and I shall have some on vanilla ice cream.
Hey, I work out and eat right 90% of the time so that occasionally I can
eat hot fudge and feel OK about it! Lol!
Night, peeps.
Pray I make it through this week and to the gorgeous, fun weekend ahead!

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