Monday, March 21, 2011

Celebrating Bug!

I woke up this morning to this happy girl! She said, "I can't believe I'm four now!" Four has been an age she has been looking forward to since she turned three, because four meant she was going to school....I tried to explain that she wouldn't be going as soon as she turned four but soon.....I think that's been kinda hard for her to understand! I left all the decorations up from her party Saturday so that things would still be "festive" around the house on her actual birthday. She's played and played with all the balloons laying around. She opted for chocolate milk and waffles for breakfast!

She spent most of the morning, while I did Turbo Fire (whew!), running around like this - all dressed up in her rain gear. Note that the shoes are on the wrong feet. Why is it that kids have a 50/50 chance of getting shoes on the right feet yet they always end up on the wrong ones?!

After I worked out we got cleaned up....isn't she adorable? She got this dress for her birthday from her Janou (grandmother). It's super cute and since it was sunny and 70 out today I couldn't resist donning the summer dresses, including myself. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 83! Wowzers!

We left the house to run a few errands and I took her to McDonald's to eat. She loves Chicken nuggets - and this was the first time she was able to actually play on the playground. It's finally gotten warm enough. She was so excited! There were a couple of kids there and I think I let her play for about an hour before they left and we did too.....

She was thrilled about getting to play so long and then I took her to Kidz Play to burn off even more energy! Lol! It may have been fun for her but I knew she was going to sleep really well tonight too. She hooked up with a little girl when we got there and played and played and played....I sat and read a book I'm slowly working on by Dean Koontz and played around on my iPod. Luckily the Kidz Play place has Wi-Fi! Love that.

We went out for dinner with the Hubs parents....kept it local since the hubby has to work early in the morning. He drives an hour one way to work so he has to leave pretty early. All in all it was a good day, she had fun and even got another gift from some friends of ours. And the Mister bought her a GIANT chocolate syrup change bottle! Lol! They have this thing for saving change and she has a thing for chocolate milk so it works.....I'll have to post a picture tomorrow!

But now my sweet little Bug is seems so strange to say that. Three still sounded "little", four doesn't. I guess it's the same way I felt with going from 23 to 24. Twenty three still sounds young and cute, 24 sounds old! Haha!

Tomorrow I have three things on my list of "to-do's" - Turbo Fire, headbands and Zumba. I'm going to try out a Zumba class at our church tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about it - I've heard great things about Zumba plus it's always fun to work out in a group. So I'll let you know how it goes! Turbo Fire was good this morning.....something I'll have to get used to. It's super fast, very high energy and kinda dancey. Chalene Johnson is into that very choreographer type of working out. Which is a little hard for me at first. But I'll get it! I'm used to more "raw" type work outs. But change is good and hopefully this will give me the boost I need to start losing again. 4.5lbs to my goal weight but after that I'd like to get down 5 more to be at my ultimate weight!!!!

For now bed is calling me! Night, peeps!

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  1. AWWW! What a fun, action packed day!!! Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet and beautiful girl!!!!