Sunday, March 20, 2011


We had a wonderful weekend! I'm sad to see it go but I know the week holds great things as well so bring it on! Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight and I'll be ready to tackle all that's ahead of me....tomorrow is Bug's actual birthday. Beej has to work so I'm going to take her to her favorites spots around town tomorrow - McDonald's and Kidz Play! And then she has dance tomorrow night. So I think she'll have a fun day. She loved her soon as my photographer gets the pictures edited and sent to me I'll make sure I share them with you, of course!

The weekend has totally exhausted me but I'm ready to tackle Turbo Fire and the Inferno plan tomorrow! Bring it on....I'm so excited to start it! Going to take my measurements and weigh in the morning so that I can keep up with my progress from here. I'll be back to regular blogging tomorrow! See you then!

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