Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Waking Up

So I was going to blog this morning, I had all these ideas floating through my half awake brain at 6:15am. But suddenly, now that I've had breakfast and I'm feeling awake I can't think of a dang thing! Lol! I guess I should blog when I'm tired, I'm more creative.

I will say I am absolutely frustrated with Facebook right now, I used to be able to save pictures from there. You know, "right click" on it and "save picture". But now you can't do that. It does this stupid thing and saves it all weird and then I can't use it on my blog. So hence there have been no pictures of my sister and there are none of my cat, who by the way is starting to drive me nuts.....let me explain.

Gandalf is old, he'll be 13 this year. We got him right after we got married in 2005 and he has always kinda been a keep-to-himself kinda cat. After a couple of years he warmed up to my hubby, he would climb on the couch to sleep with him, etc. But he generally avoided me and especially Gianna. But after Gypsy he seemed to lighten up and really became super affectionate after Gypsy died. Which I didn't mind, he started climbing in my lap when I'd sit on the couch and follow me around the house, he'd be at the door when I'd get home. While Gypsy was alive we started a morning "snack", a small spoonful of wet food (which Gandalf NEVER got before.) and it became part of our routine. And then I leave dry food out for him all the time. I have still kept up with giving him a morning snack but now he's become obsessed with it. Every time I go in the kitchen he sits there waiting even if he's already had his treat for the day, if i open the fridge he tries to climb in.....he is driving me nuts, crazy old cat! Lol! But I do love him! I can't wait to get another kitty because it really seemed to liven his life up a lot.

Oh, and did I mention I totally have a little celebrity crush on Alex Pettyfer at the moment?! Um, yeah. I do! Haha! He's totally adorable and he's just so cute in Beastly. I'm ready to see it again...yeah, I know, I can be kinda odd about movies. But hey, there are a few movies you just get hooked on and no matter how many times you see it you still love it - for me Twilight and Pride & Prejudice are those kinda movies. I can watch them over and over and still love them! I think Beastly may be one of those too!

And here's another random thing - yesterday I had some time to kill at our local outlet store and I noticed they had swim wear up. So I grabbed a couple to try on.......Holy cow! Talk about inspiration. I am SO not summer ready. Yikes. Zumba tonight, and Turbo Fire right now. yeah.

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