Monday, March 14, 2011

Going, going, going.....

I'm still so bummed about losing most of my pictures from yesterday. But I had a few that were still on my iPod so I'll share those with you!
We had such a great weekend! Not only was it four days long but it was a really pretty weekend as well. Saturday and yesterday were B-E-A-utiful! Sunny and 70 degrees out. I totally broke out the summer clothes. Lol!
Friday we went to Greenvillle, to Old Navy and the mall. I've been searching for a matching raincoat and rain boots for Bug's birthday. I got them at Old Navy Friday and I can't wait for you to see them, I know she's going to LOVE them! But since they are already wrapped up in pretty pink paper you'll just have to wait until after the party Saturday......
Saturday, even though the Mister was feeling a little under the weather, he went out and played golf. I'll be honest, I'm SO excited he's finally found a group of really great golfers to go play with. I'm not one of those who think he has to spend every single moment of his weekend with me and Bug. Don't get me wrong, we love to spend time with him and we always have a day or two that we spend doing something fun together but he loves golf and he spends 40 hours a week slaving away so that I can stay home with Bug so the least I can do is let him have a day to play with the guys! I will admit their "dogfight club" betting does get me a little nervous but for the most part he wins a lot so I try not to worry about it too much. It's all in fun, right?!
Sunday morning we were going to go get brunch somewhere and then head to downtown Greenville and enjoy walking around and being outdoors. But then Beej remembered he was supposed to meet up with his brother after church and give him some pointers on playing golf. So we decided to wait and go after......Bug wanted to go to church so we got ready really quick and headed out the door to church. This was Bug's last Sunday in the 2 & 3 year old nursery. *sniff* She's growing up so much!!! Since we'll have family in town this coming Sunday we probably won't go to church and the Sunday after that she'll be four and moving on up to the 4 & 5 year old room.....but while I was at church a friend of mine, Maggie, caught up with me and headed over so uber adorable owl earrings! What? Owl earrings from a friend?! How wonderful!

(Yeah, I can be jealous! They are lovely!)

When we got home from church it was already about 70 degrees out and my light weight cardigan over my dress was already too warm so I broke out the shorts. Yup! Even though my legs are a bit "white" - well, white for me at least. It was nice to wear them and sandals yesterday!

After Beej met up with his brother we headed out to Greenville - Bug got an "early birthday present" and now has a DVD player in the car. We only let her use it on "long" trips. But since we like to listen to great tunes in the car she wears headphones while she watches. I've got to get her some smaller ones but right now she's using Daddy's and they look so big on her! And don't you just love her little dress?! It's one of my favorites....I think I paid $8 for it!

On our way to downtown we stopped by Jason's Deli first and had a late lunch. Gianna loves their organic PB&J on wheat bread with apple slices. And their Club Lite is a favorite of mine. I actually have to take off some of the meat because it's just too much for me - the Mister puts the extra on his salad! But they served it with fresh fruit and this scrumptious yogurt dip! I just love it!

There are two pictures from our walk around downtown - the bridge in the park and the ducks - they kept ducking under the water and putting their feathery butts in the air! It was so cute!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that we went by Plato's Closet too - I love shopping their especially for summer clothes. It's a consignment shop for teens/20-something's! Good prices, good quality and name brand stuff. I wanted to look for an Easter dress, I always like to get something I know I'll wear through the summer too. I got my Easter dress last year there and I still love that dress, and it cost me about $8! I also knew the Hubs needed some shorts and t's for Spring/Summer too. He ended up finding about 4 pairs of great shorts and couple of t-shirts (including one that says Local Celebrity, of which is he! Lol!). I found two dresses I really liked and liked them both but couldn't decide which one I wanted the hubby bought me both! I was very happy! So I got two great dresses for $20!!!! Can't wait to wear them soon....but I'm not sure which one I'll actually wear for Easter.....

I'm getting things together for the WeeRuns consignment and making more hair accessories today. I've got to turn in WeeRuns stuff on Thursday. Bug has dance tonight. I'm going down Friday morning to pick up all the food stuff from Costco for Bug's party on Saturday. Family comes in town Friday afternoon and will be here until Sunday afternoon, I'm so excited to see them! Hoping to sneak a movie in with my sis and her friend Friday night, maybe. And we're going to do Gianna's 4 year pictures Sunday lots, lots, lots going on this week/weekend.

Did I mention I'm thinking about starting Zumba classes on Tuesday nights?! Lol! Maybe.

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  1. Oh so sorry for the lost pictures, but don't worry hun these are just lovely! You got amazing thingies over the weekend, those owl earring are so unique, and don't tell me about the printed dress is so pretty! Wish there was an ON store near me, I have to shop strictly online, but nothing like digging in the racks for little cheap thrills!

    <3 Cess O.