Saturday, March 12, 2011


I was going to blog last night but ended up finishing up Back to The Future II with the
hubby instead. He hasn't been feeling well, all this cold/flu crap going around, but
he wanted to stay up and finish it so we did. Cute movie and of course
I've got to see III now! Lol!

We took Bug to play at Kidz Play yesterday because she's been cooped up for
a couple of days at the house. She found a little "friend" there
and had a blast racing around and jumping for over an hour.
We ended her play time with cotton candy ice cream, she
at like three bites before she handed it over and fell asleep! We
headed to Greenville, SC to hit up the Old Navy. The Old Navy closest to
us is moving locations but they decided to close their current
location before their new location was ready to open!
Who does that?! So wrong.
But we made a "day" of it and went there and got Bug an outfit to
wear at her party (Hello Kitty themed of course!) and she picked out
her shoes - it probably doesn't do her daddy proud but it
does me because I LOVE shoes and I'm glad to see she got something from
me! Haha! They are adorable and I'll have to post pictures, cute little
gold sandals! We also finally found her the most adorable matching rain coat
and rain boots for her birthday! She has been asking and this little purple
flowered set will make her one happy Bug!

After that we decided to go walk around the mall and this is what was going on....

Loads of people standing in line ( my pics don't show 3/4 of who was there!) for the new iPad2! Yes, we Apple people are crazy about our Apple products, I felt proud pulling out my iPod Touch and snapping a few awesome pictures! And I'm so proud that sooner then later I'll be the proud owner of a Mac laptop! WOOHOO!!!!

Bug enjoyed a green slushie in the food court along with some "delicious" pizza, as she put it! Then after all that sugar was a total goof on the way home while we jammed to Elbow's new album, "Build A Rocket, Boys!" which I must tell you is a MUST to own. Absolutely incredible....we saw them live with Coldplay a couple of years ago and they were just stunning, we since have become huge fans!

I'm going to work out this morning - somehow, even though I've eaten like crap for two weeks I've managed to loose 3lbs while doing so! Lol! I guess that's what working out 6 days a week does for you - boosts you metabolism that when you do cheat it still doesn't mess you up too bad. But I'm back to eat super strict until Bug's party next Saturday......dang, I'm only 3.5lbs away from goal weight. Sheesh! I'm SO close!!!

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  1. go girl! but you are so beautiful regardless of the 3.5 lbs!