Saturday, March 26, 2011

Random 10

I follow lots of blogs that occasionally do "10" blogs - 10 favorite things, 10 things of my wish list, 10 things I'm thinking about, 10 pictures from my day, etc. So I thought I would kinda do a mix of those - random things I'm thinking about, things I want, favorite things, and so on!

1. I've been thinking lately that I really need to beef up my work out wardrobe. Because I work out at home I don't think alot about my work out clothes. Just comfy and workable. Usually an old t-shirt and some shorts. I worry more about my shoes since they are what are most important really. But lately I've realized just how crappy my work out clothes are, maybe if I get some I really like it would boost my confidence and make me work out harder! Lol! Hey, any excuse works....but seriously, I think that's next on my wish list. I need summer clothes too so maybe I can double my invisible budget and get both!

2. I really enjoy working out with other people last week and even though we haven't gotten into the actual work outs yet I'm really liking Zumba! It's fun and fast paced and I love that! I'd rather work out super hard for a shorter amount of time. Which is what has been so awesome about Turbo Fire so far, shorter work outs but boy, oh,boy do you work hard and fast. I'm really looking forward to class on Tuesday night for Zumba. It would be so nice if my shoes were here by then but I'm not holding my breath on that - just my luck they'll arrive the morning after! Ha

3. It's getting to be kitten time at my mother in law's cattery - Cleghorn Paws. She has several "momma cats" that are preggers now and should start having kittens within a few weeks! I'm so excited about picking a new kitten and bonding with it. I still miss my sweet Gypsy so much and this time around I'm going for a dark kitten, most likely a chocolate like the one pictured above. I want another male and I just don't want one that even looks close to Gypsy because I'm afraid I'll compare them......but I have name picked out already and I really think Gandalf will be excited about having a friend around again. He got along so well with Gypsy, they used to tear around the house and chase each other. It was so cute, especially since Gandalf is so old and usually does nothing. I think it was really helping him to get up and get moving. So I'm excited for babies to start arriving at CP!

4. Cleaning the house is on my mind too. I feel like I'm so behind on everything lately. I just can't seem to catch up. There is always more to do each day then I think I can fit in. I'm really trying to figure out how to better manage my time and get more in each day. I've started trying to get up earlier during the week at least. I slept until 7:30 this morning which is sleeping in for me. I've been trying to slowing work towards getting up earlier and earlier. Like I started with 6:45, then went to 6:40am, and I'm up to 6:35am now! Lol! I'd like to start getting up by 6am. I'm trying to start working towards getting our schedule in order over the summer because Gianna is starting school in August (Ahhhh!!!) and I know our schedule is going to have to be a little different - earlier to bed, earlier to rise, etc. But my house is suffering due to my lack of time. And it's even starting to bug me, you know it's probably getting bad if it's bugging even me! Lol! I tend to be able to stand a little more mess and disorganization then my hubby can but stuff just seems out of place.....especially my closet and dresser. Ugh. I can't find anything because of the disarray it's in and my "creative studio" upstairs is a disaster! I think I may stay home from church tomorrow and clean! Lol! Maybe.....

5. This weekend is bringing rain. I hate rain but I think we've already established that fact! I'm ready for summer - for hot sun, laying out tanning and swimming in the pool. I think we are going to open the pool up next month. In some ways I'm a little worried because I know that I'm going to have to be the "pool girl" this summer since my parents aren't here to do it. So I'll be cleaning it, keeping the chemicals in it, etc. But still, I'm pretty sure I'm going to throughly enjoy it! I'm hoping to get the deck stained and sealed before we officially get the pool open though. Another project on my list!

6. Long hair is on my brain!!! I'm so ready to be able to pull my hair up in cute pony tails and buns, to braid it, curl it, etc. I feel like it's taking my hair forever to grow out this time around. I recently saw Beastly (which by the way was UH-mazing! Go see it, super sweet movie!) and Vanessa Hudgens possibly has THE best hair ever! And it made me want mine long so bad!

7. I am obsessed with cute sun dresses this year....I plan to collect quite a few this summer! Every where I go I'm checking out cute dresses. I've picked up three so far this year but I plan to get several more. I'm going to get some shorts too just to mix it up but I plan to spend most of the summer in a bathing suit by the pool or in a cute sun dress! Hopefully it will go according to plan! Haha!

8. I still haven't quite gotten used to the fact that my sweet little girl is FOUR. How can this be? Seriously? I am apart of this great group of mom's from a site called Babyfit. I became apart of this group when I was pregnant because I wanted other pregnant women to talk to. The site has it set up where you can be apart of a group who is all due the same month you are. Some of us were first time mom's, some already had kids, etc. But it was nice to have other people going through the same thing you were. And we now all have a child within a month of each other. And the great thing is, four years later, I'm still friends with lots of them and I've come to love and appreciate each of them! They have taught me so much and helped me through a lot too. But we just can't believe it's been four years since we were all excitedly expecting these sweet little kiddos. Now they are starting school, activities like sports and dance and time is just flying......

9. I'm also thinking I'm pretty sure I have THE hottest hubby ever! Yup! I'm so blessed with such a great man...he is a wonderful provider, a great dad, a super hubby and a wonderful friend. We had so much fun out yesterday, we laughed and joked and just sincerely had a really fun time out with each other. Not that we usually don't but yesterday was just very light hearted and exactly what I needed. I appreciate him in new ways all the time, he never ceases to amaze me!

10. Last but not least I need to re-do my toenails! I always keep my toenails painted, always, especially during the summer. But it's time for a re-do. I would love to have a french pedicure but I have the tiniest toenails, the never forget to mention this when I go get a pedicure, "Oh, you have such tiny toenails!" Yeah, thanks, I know! Lol! So needless to say it makes getting a french pedicure kinda hard. It never looks right. But I thought I might attempt it myself, I need to go get some white polish though. We'll see. I may just end up with what I normally do. Boring, I know!

But that's about it....totally random and it has no real point but there ya have it! Have a good day!

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