Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Few Random Things.....

1. Ever since I can remember I've been dressing Gianna in matching pajama sets or one piece pajamas. I've honestly never thought twice about it but she has clothes that are obviously pj's and for sleeping and it's part of our routine at night to put on her pj's. Again, it's not something I've ever really thought about until the other night when it was kinda warm and I decided to just put some random pj's bottoms and a t-shirt on her. As I turned to leave the room I realized she hadn't moved and I looked back to see her standing on her bed with a rather bewildered look on her face and then she said, "Uh, Mom, these are not pajama's!" I tried to explain that really pj's are whatever we wanna sleep in that's comfy. But that didn't fly so I changed her into a night gown I had found in her summer stuff. Again, that didn't fly because it didn't have pants! Are you serious?! Yeah, she was. So I put pants on with it. Apparently that still bothered her because not long after I heard her daddy changing her again! Lol! My child is OCD, I'm learning that very quickly.....here is another example.....

2. The other day Gianna had a little plastic container of cereal. She had eaten all but one piece and that she left in there. As I got her out of her car seat to go into the store the container turned over and the piece of cereal landed in her car seat. She freaked out and I said it's no biggie, we'll get as soon as we get back (I was in a hurry!), it's not going anywhere. She whined and talked about it for like the next five minutes. She was so bothered and worried about it.

3. She's the same with shoes - she recently has starting having literal meltdowns if I don't carry her when it's wet or even slightly muddy outside. She carefully picks her "path" to the car if I do make her walk so that she can avoid as much "mess" as possible. If she does get them dirty as soon as I put her in her seat she's cleaning the bottoms off with her hands - she'd rather have it on her hands then the bottom of her shoes where it belongs! Lol!

4. Change of subject - our cat, Gandalf, has never been an overly affectionate cat. He occasionally lets you love on him for a moment or two and then he's done. He doesn't like curl up on the couch with you, etc. The only person he's ever been even slightly loving towards has been my hubby. We've had him since we got married, so about 5 1/2 years now. And just recently he's started being super lovey dovey with me. He follows me around the house wanting my attention, climbs in my lap when I get on the computer, paws my back until I pet him and kiss him. It's so strange!!! I guess getting older is making him an ole' softy!

5. I think maybe I've bitten off a bit more then I can chew this week - I have to have about 2 dozen headbands completed by Thurs. and Fri. so that I can deliver them to places to be sold. Not to mention I just got a custom order too that I need to go find cloth for...plus I need to get my WeeRuns stuff together. That was supposed to be done yesterday but I didn't have safety pins like I thought. So it's all in a big pile in Gianna's floor right now. I got up earlier today so that I could get my FB/Blog stuff out of the way earlier, eat breakfast earlier, work out earlier, so that I could clean up and get up to my "crafting studio" earlier and get some stuff done!!!! Yikes!

6. I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of several packages - one being Gianna's real golf club set me got her for her birthday! She's going to LOVE it! And the other is some great headbands and knit hats I got for a great price to start working on. I honestly hoped they would be here by tomorrow at the latest but I'm not holding my breath.....ugh. I hate waiting. I'm not a patient person....

7. I'm dying for summer weather - truly. I desperately want to open the pool and lay out and get a tan and all that!!! I'm ready to wear summer dresses, tanks and shorts. And maybe even get a new tattoo! Who knows.

I think that's about it....going to work out, adding an extra ab work out this morning because my stomach is so close to being flat!!! Come on, abs!!! Lol!

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