Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today.....and tomorrow....

Today it rained. All day. It was unreal. And I hated every minute of it. I detest rain. Even if I don't have to get out in it I still don't like it. But it never fails that it rains the worst on days I have to get out in it. Bug has inherited that same dislike for rain, she won't set foot in it, literally. She refused to walk when it's raining. She has to be carrying to the car and from the car to where ever we are going because her "shoes might get wet!" Yeah, she doesn't like rain. I hate the way it makes everything wet and cold, the way it makes my hair flat and sticky.......but today we had to get out in the rain and my dear mother in law, who has been really sick for the past few weeks, even braved the awful weather with us. I think she was desperate to get out of the house!

We went to Party City to finally get the stuff for Bug's party. I am so far behind. I got the cake ordered the other day......only to have to go back tonight and change it! Lol! We originally planned on a Yo Gabba Gabba party but I couldn't find stuff so we went with our second pick - The Backyardigans - I checked Party City a few weeks ago and they had tons of that theme so we were set! Went today and guess what? They got rid of that theme!!! Aaarrgghh! So we just decided to pick a theme they had since all we had settled on was the cake and that could easily be changed. We narrowed it down to an owl theme (which I wanted!), a Princess theme (the mother in law wanted!) and Hello Kitty. Originally Bug said Owl then said, "No, no! Hello Kitty!" So that's what we went with. I'm good with it.....this year the party planning hasn't gone like it usually does and at this point I just hope there's a decent party! Hello Kitty is a sweet, girly theme and I think it's good. The mister was disappointed that we didn't do Yo Gabba Gabba, he wanted to dress up as DJ Lance. Yeah, go Google that if you don't know what he looks like! Haha!

Tomorrow's the BIG day, people. I'm starting a cleanse. I have talked about this for over a year. Doing a cleanse that is. And just never was brave enough. The scariest part for me is the whole laxative part. Not fun! But I'm hoping using a tea instead of the salt water flush will be a little "easier" and controllable! We'll see.....a week is a LONG time with no food. But I want to do this for many reasons, one of them being I just want to prove to myself I can do it. Not to mention losing a few inches and pounds wouldn't be frowned upon either. I've just felt crappy for a few weeks now - ever since I got back from Bama. I just can't seem to get back on track 100% and I just need something to give me a kick start and make me feel good (in the end...probably not during though!). So wish me luck - tomorrow morning I'll weigh and measure myself and then mid week I'll weigh and measure again and then the last day I'll weigh and measure one last time. If anyone feels inspired to join me I'd love that! It always helps to have someone to "do it" with! Lol! So I'm off to bed.....I've got 10lbs of lemons, laxative herbal tea, cayenne, maple syrup and loads of waters to look forward to in the morning. G'night.

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