Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, Beauty!

So I thought I would share a few of my favorite beauty products and beautiful people!

1. Gigi Wax - I have this wax warmer and I use their all purpose Honee Wax. I love it! It's so nice to have it and not have to worry about going to a salon and having it done. And to be honest I do a lot better job then they usually do at any salon I've been to. And ladies, let me just say, facial hair isn't pretty. Period. I don't care if it's blonde or not. It can still be seen! So either go to a salon and have it taken care of or invest in something like this - I think it costs less then $40 to get everything you need including after wax gel, the sticks to apply to wax and the strips to pull it off plus the warmer and wax. And the wax lasts forever! Love it!

2. I am a big fan of body sprays. I'm not into perfumes, they can be overwhelming and "thick" and I like a light scent. I'm not big on scented lotions mainly because my skin doesn't react well to scented lotions, it's burns and itches most of the time. But I do love Bath & Body Works body wash and body spray and right now my absolute favorite scent is Secret Wonderland! It's amazing!!! Although I still think my all time favorite scent is Moonlight Path by B&BW. It brings back so many memories when I smell it. Just like the men's fragrance Tommy. It's what my hubby work when we first started dating and to this day that scent holds so many happy memories for me! Isn't it funny how scents can trigger so much in your mind?!

3. I love nail polish - I always keep my toenails painted and I hardly ever paint my finger nails. Mainly because washing dishes and bathing Gianna and taking showers, etc. it doesn't stay on very long and I hate, hate, hate wearing chipped nail polish. But I was introduced to O.P.I nail polishes while I was in Cosmetology school and I LOVE it! The best colors, it dries well and lasts for a long time - it doesn't get gummy and thick like a lot of nail polishes.

4. Mascara - it's one of my favorite make up products and I've tried just about every kind out there. My Mary Kay selling mother wouldn't be pleased to read this but Clinque has THE best mascara ever! Their Lash Doubling is perfection. I'm pretty sure it is absolutely worth every penny is costs!
5. I've never been one for lipstick. Occasionally if I'm dressing up I'll wear a tinted lip gloss but even then I hate how sticky it feels on my lips. So usually I just opt for a lip balm. And I recently discovered Burt's Bees Mango Butter Lip Balm. Heavenly!!!

6. I love, love, love all Aquage hair products but if I was forced to pick only one it would have to be the Healing Conditioner. This stuff is amazing and wonderful and does absolute wonders for your hair. You do have to be careful because Aquage products have to be used in very small amounts, too much and it can get greasy. But like a nickel's worth of this conditioner will do! And my hair is so shiny and healthy when I'm using this conditioner!

7. Favorite hair - seriously, Vanessa's hair is perfect! I love it! Even though I can't say I'm a Vanessa fan at the same time I don't dislike her and she was great in Beastly. But I will say I have always loved her hair. It always looks great yet so effortless.

8. And of course, my favorite abs! Seriously, Shakira has the best abs. She has that sleek dancer look and I totally want her mid section and I wouldn't mind being able to move my hips like she does too! That would probably help alot at Zumba!!! Haha!!!

So what are you favorite beauty products and tips? Share them with me, I love to learn!

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