Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing Around....

Today I spent some time over at my mother in law's house playing around with her new camera. She got a Nikon D90 which is my terminology means one big fancy camera! Lol! It's so nice and I have absolutely no clue how to work it. I spent some time going over the manual and reading words that I had no clue what they meant - like ISO's, white balance, etc. What does all that crap mean anyway? I couldn't even figure out how to set the self timer! Oh, well. But I did snap a few photos around the house that I thought weren't half bad. I'm not a photographer, never plan to be one but I do love how clear the pictures come out! So here are a few I snapped just for the fun of it......

(A photo of my hubby and his older brothers when they were little! And their big fluffy dog, Cagney!)

(The Mister when he was a little tot - isn't he cute?!)

(My mother in law when she was little, I love this picture of her!)

(My MIL's cat, Bella. One of many!)

(Her huge castle bird's beautiful!)

(Bug's rain boots and my favorite Toms.)

(One thing I figured out while taking random photos of myself - my bangs are horribly blunt and I don't like them!)

(Self photos without self timers!)

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