Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ok, so I'll admit to you. I caved. I just couldn't do this cleanse. I made it
all day until about 6pm. I felt terrible and I had only had 5 glasses of the
"lemonade" you are supposed to drink and you are supposed
to have 6-12!
I literally thought if I had to drink one more glass of it I
was going to hurl. It was awful! Not to mention
I felt terrible and weak and I can't imagine that gets a
whole lot better later on. I couldn't work out while I was on
it because my body was going to be to weak and
not have enough carbs, proteins, etc. to fuel work outs like
Insanity. And I hadn't even gotten to the laxative part.....
So needless to say I decided it wasn't for me, I'd rather
eat healthy and work out and hopefully lose weight that way.
I'm going to juice all these lemons I have and make
fresh lemonade for Bug's party! Lol!
We live and learn.

My day was quiet and I didn't do a lot since I was on this cleanse,
I cut out loads of circles for making pom-pom flowers.
I love how they look and I'm working on my stuff to
take to the salon soon.
Oh, and I got my business cards today too!
That was exciting and they look cute.

And let's see, what else? I took a nap. Haha!
Yeah I did. Tried to talk Bug into one too but she wasn't
having anything to do with it.
The hubby is home today, he took a day off from work since he
didn't have his birthday off - so he'll have a four day "weekend".
It's nice having him home.

I'm getting up tomorrow, eating bran flakes and working out!!!
Then I'm taking my mother in law to the doctor because she's been
really sick for like 2 weeks now and can't shake whatever
she has.

I also got Bug's birthday party invitations filled out and ready to
mail tomorrow. Better late then never. Luckily the people who are
coming already have it on the calendar anyway.
I finally decided on a "menu" for the party......
We ordered Bug's first real golf club set today! It's so cute
and I know she's going to love it.
The mister is excited about taking her to the range and
teaching her about "the greatest game ever!"

(Gianna has spent pretty much the whole day in nothing but her panties!
She gets this kick out of it! lol!)

(Gandalf looks less then pleased with the "love"!)

(He's almost a "teen" kitty - he'll be 13 years old in Oct.!)

(I didn't have a chance to share this yesterday but after we got home
with Gianna's party stuff she said she was going upstairs to pick
out an outfit to wear to her party.
She came down dressed in this - white shirt, red pantyhose with no
underwear and her black boots! Haha!!!
I told her we'd have to work on that a little.....)

Alright, well, don't think badly of me for caving on my cleanse!
I kinda think badly of myself but at the same time
I was miserable and I knew it wasn't going to get better and
I was going to be crabby all weekend....etc. etc.
I'm going to get Bug in bed and watch
Back To The Future II!

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