Saturday, March 5, 2011

Picture-less Post!

I feel like my blogging has become so scarce lately and I absolutely hate it! I was getting so good at daily posts there for awhile. It's like my week long trip to Alabama totally threw me out of whack and I just can't seem to get it together again. This past week has absolutely flown by in a whirlwind. I'm still trying to figure out what I did each other and I honestly can't even remember that far back! And I keep thinking about my list for the week ahead and goodness, I think it's going to fly by too. But I will say I'm very excited about the things that are happening in our lives right now! Getting my music out there, creating things I love, getting ready to open an online shop and start selling my things, summer just around corner (!!!), Bug starting pre-school, my hubby's music, things I want to try soon, new work out programs, etc. etc
And my list could go on and on!
The mister's birthday is Tuesday and I'm SO excited - I don't know that he is though, I think he's a bit bummed that he only "has three more years in his 20's!" That's all he's been saying when people mention his birthday.
But I'm excited because this year I got him something I think he is really going to love,
not that I haven't in year before but this one I'm thrilled about!
I think we are going to go out to dinner somewhere, I'm going to make the Barefoot Contessa's Banana cake and Cream Cheese frosting. It'll be fun!
I do feel like sometimes the hubby's birthday gets a little overshadowed by the fact that at
this point all I can think about is planning Gianna's birthday party which is going to be
11 days after his birthday.
Speaking of Bug's birthday I feel like I'm so far behind - I haven't even mailed invitations! Luckily, pretty much everyone who is coming knows when, where, what, etc. but
it's still special to send out actual invitations.
I had her cake picked out and lined up already but that fell through yesterday so I've got
to get another one picked out and lined up somewhere else.
She had a cupcake cake last year and she asked for one this year but I don't know if I should do the same thing again even though it's a different theme.
I'm still not quite sure what we are doing food wise - we kinda had a plan and then I sorta backed out on that one because I realized it was going to cost a small fortune! And although I like to serve good food at her parties this was going to be a bit much. So I am re thinking my plan!
It's mainly going to be family and mostly adults so I always feel like having plenty of
yummy food is important - nothing worse then going to a kids party and having nothing
to eat or do for adults! And since at this point she doesn't have a lot of little pals to
invite we stick to making sure the adults are happy because Bug's cousins, cake and presents will make her a happy girl!!!

I can't believe that half our weekend is over already!
Bug and I went yesterday to Costco with my mother in law to purchase her a new camera she's been wanting. In the end, with all the discounts, she got the camera, lens, carry bag, and strap for HALF of what it was originally priced!
Now I have to teach her how to use it! Lol! But the good thing is I get her "old" camera which is really nice. Even though I generally use my iPod to snap pictures through out my day this will be nice for photographing my accessories for my Etsy shop.
After that she kept Bug for the night while the hubby and I went and saw a movie.
We haven't been in awhile and I have been wanting to see I Am Number Four.
To be honest, I was disappointed. Not nearly as good as I had hoped and not nearly as good as
the trailer made it look. The trailer made it seem very intense and action packed. More like a X-Men film. It ended up being kind bland, WAY too long and a little teeny-bopperish. Not that I'm against teeny bopper type movies. Come on, I adore the Twilight series and I'm just dying
to see Beastly! But this just wasn't what I was expecting I guess. The main actor, Alex Pettyfer, is adorable and he was a pretty good actor. His co-star who played his love attraction was super cute too. So the love story part was good, the action sucked!
I wouldn't torture my hubby by making him watch Beastly but I do want to go see it soon,
I may have to do a night out by myself and go see it. I used to hate to do that but now I don't mind occasionally going to see a good chick flick by myself. It's kinda relaxing!
The hubs played golf with his golf buddies today even though it's rained most of the day, as long as it's not hail or lightening they'll play! I picked up Bug and came home and cleaned the house because the in-laws are coming over for dinner tonight. We're having steak! Yummo!
Tomorrow is church and then I don't know that I have any plans from there.....
Right now I'm going to grab a shower (yeah, I'm just getting around to that!), hopefully work on my accessories for an hour or so before I start making dinner!

I'm sorry this is a pictureless post, it seems so boring without them but I'll post some tomorrow for you to enjoy!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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