Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Blog

So yeah, I so excited to blog tonight. We went to downtown Greenville this afternoon, it was beautiful out and I snapped a ton of pictures on my iPod Touch. I love the app. Instagram and I used it to take pictures. It won't "process" them though (save them) until you have an internet connection. Until then it just holds them. So once I got home they started processing but they wouldn't go through and complete (once they complete they are saved onto your iPod hard drive as well as the app.) But the app. froze, I've never had that happen before - I guess there were too many of them or something. I tried restarting it. Big mistake. I lost ALL the pictures. Yep, they are just gone. I had so many great ones, including several of me and Gianna, which is rare. They were great pictures and I am just sick that they are gone. I should have taken my fact I'm so upset about it I actually cried. Yeah, I did. I admit it. So tonight I'm not even going to try and sum up our wonderful weekend because I'm so upset. I'll try tomorrow. For now I'm going to go hate Instagram for the rest of the night.

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