Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh I'm SO excited!

Um, yeah, FINALLY! I'm getting Turbo Fire! You have absolutely NO idea how
excited I am about this.....I want to put like a thousand exclamation marks!
I've honestly gotten a little bored with my P90X and Insanity since I've done it
like a million times, or so it feels. So yeah, it was shipped to me this morning.
Oh, gosh, I can not wait till it gets here. I'm hoping it shows up by Saturday morning
that way I can start it Monday. Because if it doesn't I'll have to wait till the following
week because I work out Monday-Saturday and I don't want to start on any other
day. But yeah, I just wanted to share that because watch out! My fitness is going to
a whole new level, peeps! Be prepared for some serious work out/ eat right posts!

On another note - I've been trying to get all my WeeRuns stuff together. Because
I've got to turn it all in tomorrow. Whew. So far finding hangers and safety pins
has been quite a job in its self. But I've finally gotten it all done.....and it's ready to go.
I'm always surprised at how much I actually end up making off this stuff.
It's great because basically I use the money I make off this stuff to buy Gianna
new stuff for the next season. It works really well! I love going through the
stuff and looking for good deals and finding cute stuff for her.

Tomorrow I have to make more hair accessories and clean my house for Bug's party
on Saturday......oh, and wrap some more presents for Bug.....
yeah, I have a lot to do in the next few days.
I feel tired already.

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