Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Etsy Shop is OPEN!

It's FINALLY here, everyone! I have been so excited about starting
this little "business" and finally getting my enough product
together to start my Etsy shop.
I've been working hard and finally got it going tonight!
So I am so proud to announce the opening of:

Etsy shop
Handmade accessories!
I hope you will stop by and check out my little things,
maybe buy a couple of things,
pass along the link to a friend,

I have so many opportunities already and I'm feeling excited,
nervous and a little overwhelmed but ready to
get going!
I have a salon that wants me to put some up for sale there
and I'm going to be selling some at the upcoming
WeeRuns sale. A consignment sale that I'm apart of
twice a year and I just love it and I can't wait
to put some of my goodies out for sale!

I'm also hoping to host a couple of giveaways soon too.
I know I have one blogger interested and I'd
love to host another two or three.
So let me know if you'd be
interested in hosting a giveaway from
Pretty Nods!


  1. I LOVE IT! Your stuff is SO cute! I just added you to my favorites :)

  2. way cute!!! keep up the good work!!! i'll have to order some stuff for my lil GIRL once she is born!

  3. Thank you and keep checking back - I'm working on some new ideas right now that I hope to have up soon! And I'll be getting some more "little people" type stuff up soon, Megan!