Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, love!

Today we are celebrating the birth was someone truly brilliant, truly amazing and truly loved! Yes, it's my hubby's birthday....he's 27 and all he can say about it is, "Only three more years till I'm 30!" But Happy birthday, babe - I think 27 couldn't look sexier!!! Lol!

Tonight we went out to Carrabba's with my dad and sis and bro-in law. It was so yummy, as always! After that we hit up Starbuck's for a quick treat on the drive home - and I'm pretty sure I shouldn't drink mocha's anymore. They don't settle well with me! But I'm so glad the mister LOVED his gifts - I've been so stoked about. We got him a iPod Classic. Yeah, the biggest and baddest iPod out right now. It's 160G which means it holds up to like 10,000 songs! Whoa. Not to mention we got him $30 worth of iTunes cards so he'll have some brand new music help load up his new iPod with! The cool thing about us liking the same kinds of music? I totally get to enjoy his iTunes cards too - I'm pretty sure Elbow's new album is at the top of the list right now!

And yeah, that's me rocking a new headband. I'm trying out the pom-pom flower right now. Tedious to make but oh, so pretty! Me love!

For now I'm headed to bed, peeps. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get Bug's party supplies and all the lemons I'll need for my cleanse I'm hoping to start on Thursday. Yikes! I'm still kinda scared about it!

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