Monday, March 28, 2011

1, 2, 3....

Just a few random things I thought I'd share with you before I finish watching Gladiator (started it last night....) and then crash. I have to get up early in the morning and get a few things done around the house before I head out to do some errand running. And then since tomorrow is Tuesday that means tomorrow night is ZUMBA! I'm excited!

1. So the first thing is I've decided not to color my hair any more for the next year while it grows out. I color my hair mainly because I like how it looks after I color it, all glossy and rich. But I only dye it a shade or two darker then my natural and the main thing is I use a blue based color that covers my natural "red" that I have in my hair. I've been doing it for several years now and I think it's more of a habit then anything. But I want to try and get it grown out and back to "virgin" hair and then for the first time in FOREVER I want to go lighter. Not blonde, no way! That does not look good on me at all. Maybe something in a kinda caramel tone, sorta like Jessica Alba's hair (above) but without the blonde highlights. At this point, getting my hair lifted to something even close to that would absolutely fry it because I have so many layers of "black" right now. And I hate when it has that frizzy fried look. Ugh! But it will take a year, at least, to get it grown out and most of the color cut out. So, unless I discover I have early gray hair, I won't be coloring my hair until next summer! Yeah, like 2012 summer! Goodness!!!

2. This is Gianna's new obsession. Don't ask me how or why it started. I think the Mister showed it to her for some reason. He has never really been into Star Wars but suddenly Gianna can't get enough of Yoda and has declared she will be Yoda (or "that little green man"!) for Halloween. Of course that will change - she also wants to be Ronald McDonald, a cat, a frog, a pirate (again!), a ballerina.....and the list goes on and on! But anyway, she got a Star Wars cartoon from the movie store yesterday and has already watched it like three times! She's been playing "light sabers" with Beej using umbrella'! This girl - she picks up on the oddest things. Not long ago she was obsessed with Wonder Woman all because there was a tiny picture of her on a package of Pull-Ups I had to get for her to wear when she had her dental procedure done. So funny!

3. I was hoping my shoes would magically be here by the time I went to Zumba tomorrow night but I got a tracking number from UPS today and they weren't shipped until today so they won't arrive until Wednesday. Yeah, I'm bummed but at least I know they'll be here soon!!! I absolutely can't wait to put them on. There is nothing like awesome new kicks to totally give you a boost of confidence and "umph" when you are working out!!! And by the way, I did a 45 minute Turbo Fire work out this morning that was totally kick butt....yeah, it rocks! I'm still learning the choreography but it's fun and intense!

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