Saturday, March 12, 2011

In the mood for a movie!

The mister has been trying to catch me up on "classic" movies lately. I've finally seen Fried
Green Tomatoes! That was a great movie. And over the past week I've seen the first
two Back To The Future's. I've got to get the third now and watch it too!
I've been in a movie watching mood lately.....and there are so many coming
out in theaters this year that I can't wait to see.
I'm still waiting to see Harry Potter: Part 1, we missed seeing it in theaters so now
I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD because I really do want to see Part 2,
the last chapter, in theaters. Harry Potter movies are great theater
type movies. I also want to see the movie The Yellow Handkerchief too, starring
Kristen Stewart.
So many great movies, and to think there are SO many I still haven't seen!
Here are a few on my "wish list" to see in theaters in the next couple of months.
Of course this year brings so many great movies including Breaking Dawn: Part 1!!!!

But here are a few I wanna see now....

Beastly - my hubby is like "it will be the worst movie ever!" Lol! But I'm all about
a sappy love story starring two super cute people!
How great is that? I love Love - what can I say?!!!
(P.S. As dang cute as Alex Pettyfer is don't bother to go see I Am Number Four.
Terrible disappointment!)

Red Riding Hood - again, my hubby has said it's going to be cheesy. But come on,
a love story involving werewolves? Again, no matter how cheesy or silly
a love story starring Amanda Seyfried and cute boys? Yes, please! Lol!
Predictable or not, sometimes those movies are fun to go see....
at least for me!

Water For Elephants - *sigh* Of course I'm seeing this. It has Robert Pattinson in it....
But no, that's not the only reason. I read the book. Uh-mazing, I tell ya!
Go read it, it's a must! Brilliant writer, vivid story line and lovable (and hateable!) characters.
I think this movie is really going to help R. Pattz break away from "just" being
Edward Cullen from Twilight and make people really respect him for
the gifted actor he is.
This one I hope to go see on opening night!

Jane Eyre - I just recently found out this was being made into a movie. I read this book
as a young girl years ago. It was a dark story but in the end love triumphs. I think
it's going to be a well made movie. Or so it looks that way.

Paul - Oh yeah, I'm one for comedy as well! I'll be honest though, a lot of
comedies these days get a bit too crude for my taste. I can handle a few
crude jokes and what not. But it seems that things get so tasteless
and disgusting lately......
and this one may be the same way....but the trailer looks hilarious!
And I love Simon Pegg!
So I think we'll have to see this!

So yeah, most of these movies I'll probably have to go see by myself - except Harry Potter and Paul. But for the most part the ones I haven't seen yet are the chick
flicks that I wouldn't put my poor hubby through.
He went and wasted his money on I Am Number Four because I wanted to see it,
I think that's all I should ask of him!
I may try to sneak off tomorrow and go see Beastly....
just maybe....
who knows.....

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